over the weekend i took a trip to reno, nevada. this was my first time there. i had never been to reno. it was cold. i went there because las vegas was too far for me. i wanted to find a deal for a cheap hotel room in reno, lucky i found one at the silver legacy resort and casino. i was able to booked a night for only 89 dollars at night. since i never been to reno, i had no idea which would be the best casino there. when i arrived there, i was amazed at their service, all the staff there were very nice and friendly, always with a smile. they made me feel welcome. cheching in was easy. as i settled in my room, i went downstairs to play slot machines. then i found out that there are three casinos connected together, they are the circus circus and the eldorado hotels. they offer everything, like clubbing, high roller gambling (which i dont do), restaurants, arcades. so after i had visited everthing in there, i decided to go to other hotels, i visited the peppermill and that sucked. i hated peppermile because i felt lost, there are just way too many mirrors, its like being in a mazed or something and plus its hella dark in there. i was not impressed with it, so i decided to drive more on virginia blvd and headed to atlastis, parking was easy to find, then i headed up the bridge that crosses the street, there was some seafood restaurant, i liked it. so as i headed into the main casino, it looked good, but that was it. nothing else to do.. sucks. so next i wanted to visit another casico the fitzgerald casino, that was it, just a casino, no restaurants no nothing just casino.

so basically, if you're looking for the best place to stay in reno i would recommend staying at the silver legacy casino, they are the best, the rooms are so nice and the view is expectacular. that has been the best hotel i've ever stayed, i've stayed in some motel6 and they cost like 89 dollars a night and its not comparison to the silver legacy for the same price. next time i go to reno, i will defenetly stay at the silver legacy. if anyone has any other suggestion or their expiriences in renot, please tell me, i would be interested.