I feel for you but I have to say that you could be wrong - in fact I know you are. You see my husband left me after 25 yrs together. We were HAPPY. Seriously we NEVER fought. We touched each other all the time (our kids LOVED it) and always told each other and EVERYONE ELSE that we would be married FOREVER. That we were TWIN SOULS. YEP but he left. Now I know some of you are going to say "well there must have be problems then that you did not see". I'll tell you the TRUTH. I didn't see a THING until he starting cheating. Then do you want to know want to know what I saw. I saw more fun - yep LOTS more, I saw more trips - just us. I saw us still laughing more than we ever had (we also said our humor kept us together). Then I SAW pulling away, fighting, rudeness - all within a month. It was the month before he left and I never saw it coming. I thought since I might be going through "loniness symsyms". My kids are 25yrs and 21yrs - one only at home and wanting to get out - me left alone with him?? God no. So sorry back to my point I thought then he might be too - going through it - but I wasn't cheating to get through it. Afterwards it got to be...triesome. SERIOUSLY...Between him being with her and then me (yes even after he left - 3 months to be percise) In fact a couple of times he asked me to move with him or told me he wanted to make us work. That next morning after that statement he told our oldest daughter that we were getting a divorce. He told her before me. Seems fitting since he told both our girls he was leaving before he told me. Nine agreements later and thousands of dollars later I GOT MY DIVORCE. Let the hoe have him. Well now you could say "I'm the hoe" Yep feel in love with a married man. Known him for 20yrs. Want to know the best thing about him? Well don't get me wrong he's younger and YEP BETTER...but the best thing is I can fully remember the first time I met him. SERIOUSLY (I like that word). I remember what he looked like, what he said,and how he looked at me all night. He remembers the feeling that overcame him when we were introduced. I CAN'T REMEMBER THE FIRST TIME I MET MY EX. Maybe my memory has finally let go of some of the "unneccesary memories" to make room for the forgotten memories. I don't know - all I know is that IT HAPPENS. In fact IT HAPPENS more often than it ever has happened. DIVORCE is SO EASY to obtain. SO EASY. The courts (well where I live) detertime your "payout" to each other - like you had a choice. Doesn't matter who wants the divorce or why - it can be done - for a price - that is pre determined. IT HAPPENS. Kids see doctors to "talk" about the experience. Have you met a lot of people your age or even younger that haven't been divorced? NOT MANY. IT HAPPENS - that is my point.

Thank you for your story though - I feel for you. Not sorry at all - just that I know exactly what you are going through - I went it through it when I lost my ex. It does get BETTER.