heheheheh, man today i was watching mtv on cable today and i just got done watching this show called return to fat camp. so much real drama.

lets start with logan. this chick is such a drama queen. but i think she's just a spoiled fat . she is so annoying. she probably thinks she's so cute, but really, that chick is ugly. well, she has her cute things. i have a friend who's exactly like her. jen her bunkmate was cute, i like her.

sam - oh boy. sam is the hottest chick in that whole show. i don't think she belongs in that camp. she is so pretty. she has the best smile ever, i love her smile so much. you know what though, i felt in love with her when she smiled because i saw her two dimples. she has a hot body, i wish i had a girlfriend like her, she's so pretty. i like girls with curly hair too. hehehe

dan - hmm, i saw a bunch of chicks try to hug that due but he pushed othem away. heheh. i think this guy is gay.

adisa - adisa was the only black girl, but i don't think she is spanish. que wanted to have her quincianera (15) for her fifteen birthday. its too bad hardly anyone went to her birthday party. fat people are mean to. i always hear how people as so mean to fat people. its not just to fat people, even fat people are mean to. that sucks none of those people were suppportive of adisa on her birthday. how rude.

just - this guy is the biggest looser. he gave up so easy. soon he's gonna realize how spoiled he is. i don't think he took that fat camp experience seriously.

which one is your favorite?