Thank you for sharing ...I never nknew there were men out there who thought the way you do. I am a plus size woman, and can appreciate your honesty. I have always been down to earth and most people I befriend are amazed or shocked when they find out that I am someone who has allowed past experiences to restrict my love life. In the past there were places I would not go and things I would do just because of others reaction to my weight. I have felt the stings of people pulling out the "wieght card" when they are upset with me and even over heard a persons " true opinion of my size after smiling boldy in my face. I have worked out and forgiven but as expected there are still scars. So No I dont trust anyone with my heart(so far) and yes I keep the best parts of me for only special people. But Im holding on to the possibility of true love and romance. I know the type of heart I have and what kind of lover I can be...I will just need to meet someone with a lot of patience..LOL! Thanks for giving a listening ear and if there are any men out there interested in meeting a truly wonderful woman (yes honey I am ringing my own bell)give me jingle. I am a true representative of the E.E.O.C. when it comes to romance..lmbo.I like to meet new people so dont be shy, just be you and I will do the same. Until then(stay blessed)hugs and kisses. Ms B Good