hello, i want to tell you what happened to me. when i was in middle school i had a girlfriend who was normal size. she broke my heart so much i thought i was never going to be able to love another girl again. then the following year i met a girl who is on the chubby side. she completely stole my heart. she being so sweet and caring for me. but i didnt go for her because she was on too little on the heavy side. so i looked for another girl who was not so heavy. to my surprise, she was mean to me.

so now i want to experience the love the chubby girl gave me. chubby girls are so much loving and caring then the skinny girls. i dont know why but they are and i want to meet a chubby girl to have a relationship.

anyway, i am a nice guy and i would like to meet a nice girl someday.
thank you for your time