I love you statement I am on my way to my gran daughters 4th Birthday party my son made me a gran ma quicker than I wanted but I'm happy that it what it is supposoed to be. I wouldn' trade her for anything!

I am a plus size woman and I was a single mom just for FYI it was hard but I love being a mother. My son had learning disabilities and behavior problems all from the front and left temporal lobe. Mostly left. Any way long story short I think once you decide to be a parent if it literally requires you to put your life onn hold for whatever reason I think that is the first choice you make once you are a parent. I attemted part time work, had my own business, and almost ahieved my Bachelor's but my son was in trouble so I went through all of this to say that I have been waiting for the man that was created for me. I have been celibate for 12 to 14 years. It would not have been fair to bring a man into the challenge I had in front of me. Most of all am looking for my best friend. My email though I don't get on much and I was put on facebook by a friend I have other things I would rather do. So if we can chat, get in touch at my email. Unveilingmercy - at - Yahoo!. have to run. Hope to talk to you later.