about three years ago i bought some domain names from a registar in canada. but everytime i had to renew my domain name, i had to pay some foreign fee. that sucks. so to stop paying that fee from my credit card company, i dediced to transfer the domain names to an american company. i didn't want to transfer my domain names because i was afraid of the whole process and getting my domain lost.

but i found out that its simple. i went to godaddy and created and account with them. they have a section for transfers, the whole process was easy, so i added all my domain names in the bulk list, provided my credit card payment and then i got emails from godaddy about how to transfer the domain names. i got a Transaction ID and a Security Code which i had to use to transfer. then i had to wait for my current registar to give me some kind of code to complete the transfer. once i got everything, i went to their site and provided all the codes and that was it. domain names are so valuelable, specially .com names they are so dificult to get good ones now a days. so hopefuly this little post gave you some courage to transfer you domain names. i had a friend who was intimidated by the whole process so he decided to have a company do it for him. there are companyies that do this for you at a very low cost who know what they are doing. if you need help, you can contact Webune.com for their service, they can provide that for you.


1. go to the registar you want to transfer the domain name to. for example, i want to transfer my domain anme to godaddy.com, so i would go to the godaddy website. and under domains you shoul find a link that says: Transfer Domains and enter the domain name you want to transfer. their system will ask for your information and payment.. then it will send you an email with instructions and a code to enter. this is what my email looked like when i got it:

DOMAIN NAME TRANSFER - Initial Authorization for Registrar Transfer

step 2. go to the godaddy website as instructed by the email. so i went to: http://help.godaddy.com/article.php?prog_id=GoDaddy&article_id=1592&topic_id=160

step 3. at this webpage, i found more instructions which say:

Authorizing a Domain Transfer to Your Account

step4: i followed the information and at the last step is said:
Please enter the authorization code for each domain (provided by your current registrar). Click here for bulk entry.

at this point, i did't have the authorization code from my current registar so i though i should wait.. i waited two weeks and nothing.. then i wen to my current registar and i found out something, i had my domain name locked. and this is what my registar said:

- Domain Locking - Locking currently Enabled

step 5. - check to make sure your domain name is not locked. so i am unlocking it now.

step6. the next step you will need to login to your current registar and somewhere in their clien panel, they should have a page where they will give you a transfer code. you will use that code when transfering to the new registar.

step 7. now that you have your current registar code, you can use it.

step 8. you will get a confirmation to transfer from your current resitar and in order to accept you have to follow their instructions. mine said this:

An English version of this message is contained below.

after i hit submit i got this message:
Thank you. Your domain will be transferred to Go Daddy Software, Inc.. You may be asked to complete their confirmation processes before the domain is actually transferred away.

step 8. after a couple of hours you should get an email from godaddy. mine looked like this:


that's it. its more complicated than i thought, but at least its done for your own sercurity.