ok, if you are reading my post here you are probably wondering how can find out if the guy that you like in the office likes you back?

there are some obvious hints, but dont mistake them for just being friendly.

when you are at work, you have to be careful to get involve in relationships with your coworker because if things dont work out it can cause some drama for you. im telling you from experience, i got involved with this girl and we started to talk, then after talking i we got to know each other and she started to get comfortable with me. after about a month we had fun, after fun, it was ackward seeing her at work because he wanted more than just to be friends, she wanted a relationship and i didnt want to, i was only after the fun. i remember her doing it to her on the bed, it was crazy, then i went to wash myself in the bathroom, then when i came back, she was all excited but she was quiet, i didnt know what to say, all i wanted was to get out of there, she had that look like she wanted affection like she wanted to cuddle or something, but i wasnt ready for that, i was only there for some fun, you know what i mean. anyways, after that she didnt talk to me much at work, we said hi every so often but we didnt go back to the way things were before. maybe i was a jerk and thats why it didnt work out. but you have to be careful too because of s e x ual harassment laws, some girls they get all psycho on you if they really want you so they will use that law against you if you dont please them, so now when i have fun with the girls at the office, i make sure i do the fun part good to satisfied them. there are alot to women at work, thats why i like working there, i only do it for the fun , but some chicks want a relationship i dont know why tho, i wonder why?