if you are a beginer and want to know how you can start your own webiste i will try to help you. if you don't know anything about website, the first step is to learn html.

learning html is important because all websites are made from HTML. starting from scratch mean you will have to learn many things, the best resources are books. you can get information on the internet on how to program in HTML but its just much easier if you buy a book.

after you've learned how to program in HTML then you will need a domain name.

after you get your domain name you will need a host for your domain. just visit www.webune.com and you can sign up for web hosting or if you want, they can do all the work for you from begining to end in getting your website up and running.

now that you got the most important things in starting your own web site, you can get more creative like making database driven website, for that you can learn other programming languages, i recommend you start learning PHP and MYSQL. you can create so many thing with PHP and best of all, its an open source so you don't have to pay license fees like how you would with microsoft or others.