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ok, so you want to know what is the html code to put a trademark symbol or character on you web pages. this is the character that has a little "tm" . I also wanted to know. I had no idea how to do this, until i contact my web hosting company for their support.

The guys are www.webune.com were able to help me with this question and asked if i could post here to help other visitors incase they had the same question they can get their answer for free right here on this post.

so the html code to use is this one:


NOTE: Special characters may not appear in all browsers if your document does not use Western (Latin) encoding.

now you can use it on your website or webpages when you are designing one. If you need web hosting, i recommend our friends at www.webune.com if you need web hosting. their support is excellent, i host all my website with them and whenever i need help (like right now) they are always able to help me. thanks, hope this post has help anyone.