today i wanted to learn how to put notes in my html web pages, i wanted to put notes so that i could see my progress but i didn't want the notes displayed on the browser or my website. I couldn't remember how to do it.

so i contacted my web hosting support at i do all my web hosting with them because they have excellent support and service. I recommend them if you are just begining with all this web desing and webmaster stuff like HTML or PHP.

anyway, to put a comment in your html code, simple to this. For example, i want to put "I begin my comments here" as a note in my html code. just follow these steps:

1. start with "<!--
2. then put your notes: "I begin my comments here"
3. close your comments tag with "-->"

so at the end it should look like this:

<!-- I begin my comments here -->

Thanks again to the webune support team for their help on this question I had. I am posting here just in case i forget or someone can lear from it.