hi, i want to teach you how you can print to an envelope using windows 7 and wordpad. i have windows 7 on my pc and it comes with wordpad.

1. open a blank wordpad ( you can find Wordpad under Start > All Programs > Accessories OR simply type wordpad in the search bar)

2. disable 'Add 10pt space after paragraphs' - i dont know why microsoft set this by default, but its annoying. so you need to disable it. to disable it, you need to right click in the wordpad document and select paragraph,

in the paragraph settings, uncheck where it says : 'Add 10pt space after paragraphs' ALSO select 1.00 for Line Spacing, then Click OK

3. use the first three lines for the 'From' section and write the senders information. for example:
John Doe
123 Any Street
Any City, CA 90210

4. now we need to leave 3 lines between the from and to so hit Enter on your keyboard four times

5. Now hit the tab key on your keyboard 7 times and write the name of the person you are sending the letter to. repeat the tabs to enter the street and city information, for example:

Mary Anne Smith
451 Name Street
City, CA 90210

6. Ok, now that you have the from and to information you need to setup your printer

7. click on the 'Print Preview' button,

then click on the 'Page Setup' button

8. in the Paper section, change the select Size to 'Envelope#10 4.1x9.5in.' AND Under the Orientation section. Select 'Landscape' and click OK

10. Click on the 'Two Page' button so you can see how it goint to look. then hit the print button


IMPORTANT NOTE: be sure to load the envelope in your printer correctly. read the printer how the envelope should be loaded. usually you will see an envelope icon on your printer where you load the paper to properly set it up prior to printing the envelope with the address