so how do really know when someone who is shy or quite likes you? No matter what anyone tells you, ther's only are real way to know. Ask that person. You have nothing to loose. the worst the could happen is that the person tells you that they don't. So what if they dont like you, life goes on. But the reward in knowing if he or she likes you its worst the emabarrasment - Trust me. Go for it and ask. You can't read people's mind.

someone recently broke my heart because i didn't take action sooner. there was this girl i know, i liked her alot, i would give her my looks, you know staring at her, but she never paid much attention to me cuz i was too young for her. she's like 35 and i am 26. i tried to convince her that age doesn't matter but she though i was just good for love. i wouldn't mind the "only love" but i guess i would want more than just that. so i am feeling a little blue right now because i am so shy. i wish i wasn't so shy. that part about her age was just an excuse because i delayed and someone else got to her before i could. so i guess shy was just being nice and giving me the age excuse.

tell me why do you like this shy guy, i really would like to know, maybe i can learn from you