did you know that you can change background color of web page dynamically with javascript. today i will show you how javascript is used to change colors on the fly. this is a cool feature if you are starting your website, it a great way to learn how to do programming. this tutorial focuese on the idea to share our learning and passing it on to people who want to learn the easy way. we will show you how you can change background colors with javascript.

to start, open your text editor. you can use notepad in windows. so open notepad and copy and past the following code into a blank notepad document:

<TITLE>How To Change Background Colors With Javasript Sample Code Script</TITLE>
<style type="text/css">
.style2 {color: #0066FF}
.style3 {
   color: #009933;
   font-weight: bold;
.style5 {color: #0066FF; font-weight: bold; }
 <p><strong>How To Change Background Colors With Javasript Sample Code Script
   </strong> </p>
 <p>Choose the Background color you would like to change to: <br />
    <SELECT onChange=
        <OPTION VALUE="40E0D0"> Torquoise
      <OPTION VALUE="2E8B57"> Sea Green
      <OPTION VALUE="87CEEB"> Sky Blue
      <OPTION VALUE="F4A460"> Sandy Brown
      <OPTION VALUE="FFF0F5"> Lavender Blush
      <OPTION VALUE="FF1493"> Deep Pink
<br />
<span class="style3">NOTE</span>: you must have javascript enabled in your browser for this to work, if you want to know how to enable javascript in your browser, <a href="http://www.wallpaperama.com/forums/show-me-how-to-enable-javascript-in-firefox-browser-t43.html">CLICK HERE </a><br /><br />
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once you have copy and pasted the above code, save the file as javascript-colors.html and upload to your website.

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