Many American single men look for asian Filipina women because women from the phillipines are loyal and very respectful. Thats why i am looing for a filipina woman who is willing to start a serious relationship with an american man in the united states..

Hello, my name is Steve, I live in California, U.S.A and I am looking for a nice Filipina woman for my wife. I have heard Filipina women are loyal to their husband. I want a Filipino girl to love me so i can love her back. The only thing I demand is for us to understand and love each other are two things: TRUST AND RESPECT.. why? TRUST + RESPECT = LOVE

Also, if you have these qualities it will help our relationship last a life time:

1. Age between 18 and 50
2. Kind
3. Filipina
4. Family Oriented
5. Willing to leave her home to come live with me in the U.S.
6. Does NOT do drugs, drink or smoke
7. Loves Kids
8. No Criminal background
9. Is compassionate - Loves animals
10. Caring - Cares for others and is willing to help her community
11. Educated (University or College Preferred)
12. Ambition to Grow - Wiling to make herself a better woman. example: Has a career where she can make a difference in her family.
13. Does not care about the age of her husband. I am in my 40s, but I never had children and want a wife that can have children with me.
14. Patience and Tolerance - I need a woman that can be patience in life and have tolerance. Doesn't lose her temper very easy
15. Keeps herself in shape, likes to exercise
16. Good manners and Etiquette - This is important to me because I like to entertain friends and family at home and in business environments
17. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY - LOYAL - I want a woman who is loyal and respects her husband. Does not believe in divorce.

If you are interested, let me know by replying to me post here. - I'll be waiting for you.

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