my father is Filipino and my mother is Mexican. when i was a baby my father left home. and my mother was left to raise me. i grew up only knowing about Mexican culture. i remember growing up, there were some Filipino kids at school and i always got along with them. but i always would hang out with the Latino kids. when i reached the age of 22 i met a co-worker who is the nicest person in the world. she is Filipino and after i met her we got to know each other. i learned about the Filipino culture. while I am not here to tell you that i am an expert this is what i know.

the number one thing Filipino girls look for in a guy is intelligence. yeah, you have to show them that you are smart. but not just show them, you HAVE to prove to them you are smart. the best way to do this is to spend time with her and impress her... that's the key, IMPRESS, you have to impress her by showing how much you know and how smart you really are. Asians girls are really smart so you have to try really hard to show your intelligence.

the second part is family oriented. now while my family is not big, i lack the advantage to show her this side. but what i did i showed her that i was a good kind and sensitive guy. most Latin man have this reputation of being too aggressive. i don't know if she liked that about me. but i think she did. and by aggressive i don't mean like being mean to her, but rather strong in character. she told me one of the things she likes about me was that i was assertive in reaching my goals. she liked that was going to school and working full time and i didn't give up so easy.