on part 1 secion D of the n-400 application for naturalization form it asks if you want to legally change your name.

this question is for people who want to legally change their name. alot of people use this section if they want to change their name from their native country or language to an American English name. for example, i have a friend who is asian, he is from Vietnam, his Vietnamese name is Trinh, so he changed it to Tony

REMEMBER, if you change your name, you will have to change your name with all the government agencies, all your credit cards, your bills .... EVERYTHING.. if you feel very strong about this, you should do it, but consider all the things you will have to do. so think very carefully.

what would i recommend? i would recommend just leave your name as it is and dont change it. it shows others you are different. its always interesting when someone is different then you. it makes you more unique. so unless you really HATE your name, dont do it. but thats just my opinion.

if you dont want to change your name, check the No box

this is what the instructions say:

A court can allow a change in your name when you are being naturalized. A name change does not become final until a court naturalizes you. For more information regarding a name change, see the Guide

If you want a court to change your name at a naturalization oath ceremony, check Yes and complete this section.