ok, if you have been reading along on helping you how to fill out your citizenship immigration form number n-400, you got to part 4, address and telephone numbers

a common question is... can i use a PO Box on my application.. the answer is yes.. BUT.. you MUST provide a physical address

IMPORTANT!!!!! - BUT IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT YOU DON'T USE A PO BOX. you gotta have a really good reason why you want to use the PO BOX number. AND you can only use the po box for the delivering. for example, you want the immigration office to send you the interview appointment letter to your PO box and not your home address.

so on section A you MUST put the address where you live, and on section B, you can put the PO BOX. but again, I DONT RECOMMEND YOU USE A PO BOX. why? well, because the immigration office reject your application and then you are going to waste time. so if you wanna be safe, dont use a po box, unless you REALLY have.