are you waiting for someone to text you back really bad? i've been in the situation before where i want someone to text me back, but they take a long time to text me back.

when you are in this situation, your mind starts to play tricks on you and the first thing you think about is that he is just avoiding you, or doesnt like you, or hates you.

but the truth is that you are feeling like this because you are anxious. so to overcome this anxiety just relax and focus your time on something else. dont think about it. go do something to keep your mind off looking at the phone every second.

stop playing games with yourself.

i would really like to know why you what him to text you back so badly. what does it mean to you if he is not texting you. why do you think he is not texting? i really want to know, many i can learn from your experience, tell me about it.