i dont know how to start this, because i cant concentrate from the pain in my heart. i miss him so much. i dont know why things had to work out this way. if i had a choice i would want to be with him right now so i can be so happy by his side.

i tried so hard to keep our relationship going. he didnt put any effort into making it work, so i say to myself he never loved me. time changes everything even my emotions.

i know right now my pain in my heart is strong, the only thing that will get rid of this pain inside me is time. i have to go through this pain in my journey to appreciate love. i know i have to experience this pain to realize and value love once it comes to my life again.

same to you. i am sure you are feeling hurt right now, but no worry, every minute that goes by, a little bit of your love for him fades away. i give you my word, in a month from now, all this pain will only be a memory and you will wonder how you could feel this way.

meanwhile, keep yourself busy. the best way is to keep close to your friends, talk to a friend who is close to you to find encouragement. be sure its a girl friend, because, when you are feeling broke hearted, you put too much of your trust on guys and they can take advantage, guys are guys..

the biggest advice you can get from my experience is this..
stop listening to music. music is your venom to hurt more. you need to stop listening to all music, otherwise, you are just nurturing the pain inside your heart. the heart looks for comfort from the pain, so it knows that if you listen to music, it will remind you of him. so if you want to get rid of him quicker, stop listening to music, at least for a week. trust me. it works.