i used to think that being a man was so hard. i always complaint that men have much more responsibilities than women do. my biggest complaint was that women seem to be much strong emotionally.

i fall in love so easy. i met a girl three weeks ago, and we have been hitting it off since then, except over the weekend she asked to stop talking to her. just like that.. i dont know how women can be so cruel. without and explanation, she just wanted to stop talking to me without giving me a reason. ok, you may think this girl is exceptional or unique.. but you see, this is not the first time a girl has done that. i met this Asian girl once, we went out together and one day she just stop texting me or calling me. i would text her and call her, but she wouldnt return my calls. since then, i still have not heard back from her, and that was like 3 years ago. i've lost hope that she will ever call me.

so my advice to you is not to lose hope, of course is tough being a guy, but that was men do. you have to be a man and take it like a man. dont be so dramatic. maybe you take things too seriously. thats what i am doing. im just gonna let time go by and get over it.

you know, sometimes its good to hear others people experiences because we realize our situation is not as bad as we thought it was. so i tell me your story, why do you think being a man is so hard so we all can learn from you as you learned from me.