Hello, if you are an Infinity (aka Comcast) customer like I am, you will find this is a short how to program your infinity TV remote, these are the steps to take.

Last year I finally was able to afford to buy a big screen TV for my living room. One of my challenges was to program the cable TV remote control with my new television. After spending a bunch of hours, I finally figured out how to programmed using these instructions. these are my notes on how I was able to programmed my remote control with my new TV

1. First step is obviously, Turn Your TV ON.

2. Select the TV Manufacturer from the list below:

3. On the remote control, Press and Release the TV key.

4. Now Press and hold in the SETUP key, until the TV key flashes twice, then release the SETUP key.

5. Then Enter your TV code;

NOTE: if the five digit code did not work, try a four digit code. simply remove the first 1 from the code I provided: for example if your code was 10156, change it to 0156

6. That's it!