I've reached my 21st birthday last month. for some reason which i cannot explain, i am attracted to older men. it all started when i was 18, i started dating this guy which was 30 years old. he took me out and he was a total gentlemen to me. i also went out with this other guy who was 19, he was totally immature, all he wanted was to make love to me. it was really boring, the conversation was limited, there was nothing i could learn from. as i went out with other guys my age, i started to get my answer as to why i like older men.

the answer is simple. for me i find it very attractive for men to be smart. and it seems that older men do know a lot more about women because they've had the experience. what i like about older men it seems their intelligence. I'm currently dating this guy who is 32 years old. he is very sweet to me and he doesn't pressure me to sleep with him, he hasn't asked me. although i thought that if he does ask me, i would not say no. when we go out to eat, he is a total gentlemen, he makes me feel like a queen and he simply amazes me. there's always something interesting to talk about. I've learned so much from him and that is was is so attractive to me.

well, if you are in the same situation as i was, like wondering why you like older men, you're probably just impressed by the maturity they show to younger women like me. i like to know about your experience, maybe i can learn from you. thanks my friends.