hello. i'm looking for a woman with a big heart. it doesn't matter how you look on the outside, as long as you're beautiful on the inside. i go to sleep wondering could i be capable of love. no more games, no more bs and no more shallowness. i'm not that tall and i'm skinny(not too skinny, i have a little gut lol) i have little patients. i'm more into cuddling and kissing. i'm in my 20s but i feel so lonely and too much loneliness is not good. i want someone to love me for me and i will love you for you. my name is david and well i wanna settle down. yes i'm about to give up and i hope if you're reading this just show me that good hearted people still exist. show me that i'm not the only kind hearted person here. i need a ray of sunshine in this dark cruel world.