So there's this guy in my class who i like but he acts like I dont exists. he is the cutest guy in school. he is very nice to everyone and very friendly. so one day he starts talking to me and i was like. wow!!! that was one of my happiest day. that was like 3 months ago. school is going to over soon and the PROM dance is coming soon. i dont have a date and i want him to go to the PROM with me.

btw.. did you know the PROM stands for 'Promise' - its a promise a person makes that they will go with you. so here's a little quiz i used to find out whether your guy will ask you to the PROM.

this test will help you find out if the guy you like will ask you to the prom. are you ready..??

Will He Ask Me To The Prom Quiz

This is a quiz to help you find out if the special person you are thinking and wishing about will ask you to the prom.