well selena if your really reading this i would swear that i wont frick out if i would i would kill my self i love all your songs and every time i look at a picture your like a star in the wonderfull moonlight i love you so much i wount believe if youde give me your sell number you also gave it to other people f love:felicia my phone number is zx3-3zz-x443

ok, some of you guys have replied some not nice comments, like calling me a liar, so here is the proof i got her number:

so what are you gonna say to her?

Selena Gomez Quiz

Take this quiz of Selena Gomez. Lets see if you are a real fan or a fake fan. Only the real fans will know these answers. if you get all the answers correct, you will get Selena's Phone number. Good Luck!!
If You Get To Talk To Selena Gomez On The Phone, What Are You Going To Say To Her?
i love selena gomez you selena so much.you are my biggest fan ever.you are so,so,so,so,so pretty.i hope you can call me back tomorrow😁.love you😁😁😁
your beautiful
i love selena gomez you
hi selena gomez i love selena gomez i wana talk with you i am selena dan
i love selena gomez u
i love selena gomez you soo much your vose is amazing and i real want to meet you
i love selena gomez you so much, your my favorite singer ever!
i like you songs a lot
i think that you are a great singer and leader and i would love selena gomez it if you came to my school and spoke to women to empower them
know better
hay how are you doing
i will say i love selena gomez you such and me and my sisters really really want to talk with you if i got your phone number
i love selena gomez your music and i went to 1 of your concerts! i love selena gomez u!!!!
hi how are you was your day okay
a this selena gomez i am so happy to meet you
how much i love selena gomez her and that she is an insperation
hi i love selena gomez you and your music
i am a devoted fan of your music even if i am an old man. i simply love selena gomez your music. may you sing forever. and forget justin, he is no good for you at all. i know what i like and i love selena gomez your voice. love!!
hi how are u
hey me and my friends to say hey lol ( my number call me 5622390849
what is your favorite song
i love selena gomez you so much.i know all your songs.the one i like the best is who says.whats yours?ps,im one of your bigest fans!
omg selena i love selena gomez you so much. i really am looking forward to meeting you. oh my gosh i have been looking for your number for so long and here i am talking to my idol selena gomez. i have been wanting to talk to you since i was 6 years old. i love selena gomez you so so so much
hi i love selena gomez u so much you are the best singer ever
Whats Your Favorite Selena Gomez Song?
all of them
same old love selena gomez
good for you
slow down
all of them
who says
i want you to no
when your ready come and get it
write your answer
come and get it
good for you
my heart want want it want
who said
same old love
the heart wants what it wants
same old love selena gomez