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This is the main number to call the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) regarding your taxes or your refund. In addition i have provided some other phone numbers for the IRS that you might need. Calling the I R S is very easy with this toll free 800 number
No matter how you spell it, If you need to contact the IRS, their main phone number is:

IRS Toll Free Main Number: 1-800-829-1040

this is the main number you can call, they are open monday-friday only and i think they close at 5pm pacific time.


The question is why do you need the IRS number? Right, Well what do you think its for hello!!!!!!!!!!!
sombody filld my son last year an still has his ssn i wanna no if there spmethg i can do so i wont happen dis year
i live with my kids father because i have no were to go and he been claiming my kids for year and not support them in nothing i have to call the shealter for clothes n food for me and my kids .he dont give me any money for my kids and this year he claim all Three and he going to get One For Zero ,For Zero For Zero For Zero back and i no he not going to give me nothing iim on ssi and the monwy i get go on my rent i dont even have money for my kids
my name is hanan zahreddine as it show on my ssn became"hanan atef haidar", i got married from nick hussein known as nabil f houssein, he is not living with me since we got married i am filling for my individual tax return with my minor daughter, i am writing you because i don't want nick houssein to use my name as his wife and he can use my signature.. knowing that i don't know where he lives and what is his address.

p i need an information how to protect my identity from being used by him .

thank you
hanan a haidar
i haven't yet received my refund yet n i found my taxs sometime n february
wants to request and set up an installment payment for my 2013 tax
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