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are you looking for your comcast infinity cable remote control codes for your television hdtv on you cable box this codes will help you programming your remote control from comast on demand
i have comcast and i just got a new television and i needed to know how to re-program my remote control for the new tv. so in case there is someone here wanting to know how to do programing their comcast on-demand tv remot control, i will show you how easy it is..

1. Turn Your TV ON.
2. Find the codes listed below to the brand of your TV.
3. On the remote, Press and Release the TV key.
4. Press and hold in the SETUP key, until the TV key flashes twice, then release the SETUP key.
5. Using the number pad, enter in the first 4-digit code found next to your brand. The TV key will flash twice after the last number entered if this was done correctly.
6. Aim the remote at your TV and press the Power Key. If the TV turns OFF, you have found the right code. If the TV does not turn OFF, repeat steps 3 through 6 using the next code listed for your Brand.

UPDATE: thanks for all your comments. after reading some comments, if the above codes do not work on your TV, try adding a 1 at the beginning of it.

example: 0030 = 10030

Thanks to Kevin and Jon.

if for some reason your tv doesnt work, please reply with your comments with the make and model of your television set so we can look up the codes for you.

Make: Samsung
Model: R87 high definition LCD TV
Date Purchase: January 6, 2009
Location: San Francisco, California
does anyone have the comcast remote code for a sanyo led 1080p television. please send it to me so i can programmed to my tv. i got this new tv from walmart and its not a sony as i wanted, by my wife is cheap and wanted the sanyo, now i can't find the code anywhere to set it up. if you can help me, that would be awesome. thanks.
you need to use code 00154 for your sanyo tv. i had the same problem, but you just need to add a zero at the beginning of each code provided on this table.
I have a new TV - a Coby KTF-DVD1093 - and can't get the Comcast cable remote to recognize it. Do you know the correct code for it?
I have an Olevia brand tv what code should I use?
i need that info as well
I to had to press a 1 before the code and I have a brand new DLP mits
I hae a Durabrand tv a comcast rec/with remote control vcr/dvd please help me to get the controls to work.
Thank you SO much!!! I'd been trying to program my remote for at least 45 minutes and nothing worked until I adds the 1. Thanks again!
i have a emerson tv and icant turn the tv
I added a 1 to the philips code, worked perfect thanx
JVC LED Flat Panel
ive tried all of the emerson codes and none of them work
I have an RCA and a small comcast remote. It's about 6 inches and doesn't have a tv button. Just a little dot at the top that blinks red when a button is clicked, a power button to the right of that, a setting button to the left, below the red light is the info button, and then the keypad below that. at the bottom its just a yellow mute button in the center of the volume, channel, and language buttons...
I tried all 3 of the Toshiba codes for my tv and none of them worked...I just want to be able to change the volume with one remote control dangit!! is that too much to ask for :(
Westinghouse flat screen 37"
brand new sony bravia lcd tv, could not get comcast remote to see it until i pressed '1' before the 4-digit code. thanks for the tip!
make emerson model. LC320EM1F date 2010 WALMART WA
thank you!!! a 1 in front on my sanyo code worked perfectly!!
Make:Emerson Mo lc32oemxf Date Purchased: black friday 2009 Location: South Hadley, MA tried all the codes, then tried them all with a 1 in front of it... none seem to work... i need help
Thank you for the help I just got a vizio tv that I love tried all the codes none of them work if you put a 1 in front of 0178 works great
Make: Viore Model 42" Plasma Flat Screen HDTV Date Purchase: Black Friday 2006 Location: Charleston, SC
Sanyo flat screeen purchas in 2002 Minneapoli Minnesota
You're illiterate
Westinghouse Modle #ld-3265.Tryed everything but can not get hooked uo to acomcast remote. Need help'
i have a sanyo and it was given to me, so i dont know the model number and ive been trying to program this remote for 3 hours now...sigh.
I can program the remote to the Comcast box but not the TV. The TV is a Sony and I tried code 0000 & 0111.
Make: Vizio Model: 22” Class Edge Lit Razor LED™ LCD HDTV Date: November 2010 Purchase: Pennsylvania
i have a insignia tv wats the code for that?
I have a new Panasonic TC-L32E3 codes 0250 and 0051 do no work. 991 command did not work either.
Assuming you tried all of the Emerson codes with a '1' in front of each code, you might try these 3 additional codes: 10171, 10623, 11963 Good Luck
Danks da additional codes for Emerson works great! Danks so much
Can't find my code. Emerson LC320EM2F
Model: Dynex Model: 32" 1080 p 120hz DOP: December 15,2011 Locatio Turlock, Ca
I have an Emerson LCD 1080p TV model # LC401EM2F and cannot find the code to program the Comcast remote.
model 15mf605t/17
make: Viore model: lc37vf72 date purchase: Dec.8,2011 loca
Samsung 32 LCD LN 32D403 It just arrived new today.
Panasonic...add the 1 and Viola! Thanks! Now I can maintain my gadget hero status with the little brother.
tom, i also have an apex and nothing worked for me either
Yes the 1 before the comcast code on my 2000 sony Triniton worked like a charm
10000 is the correct code hanks:)
tryed all emerson codes with without THE "1" hafe make it blink twice the uther dount nun of thim worked
why did you not include the search function for when the code wont work///????
DYNEX Code.... Where Where Where?
10060 worked for samsung lcd 32 inch 4 403 series.
I have a proscan i'm not sure what number or kind but the model number is 32LB30QD and the screen is about 15x27". I have been trying to program my comcast remote since September and I keep giving up. Your numbers, with and without the 1 do not work, nor do the other numbers provided on the comcast remote user guide (11447, 11347). Hopefully you can help me!
model-25K-M18 numbers did not help me to set up remote and tv.
Hannspree 25" ST259MUB
Polaroid 32" 3211-TLXB
APEX digital 46" LCD HD
model: LD4688

i tried all codes and even tried adding the 1 before them. nothing!!!
I have a xs stereo- commercial skip tv, and i dont know what code to use.
the program code that is displayed does not work for my sanyo tv the make or my tv is a sanyo and the model is D327930
the codes 0000 or 0111 did not work for my comcast remote on my sony 32" FD Triniton wega tv this is a very old tv and i do not remeber when i purchased however it was purchased in phila pa. the remote was working fine yesterday and today i cannot get it to work. please advise. thank you
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