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do you want to know how to make a guy fall in love with you making a man love you my name is theresa, and i've learned tricks to make a guy fall in love with you. the program i've developed helps women
hi, my name is theresa, and i've learned tricks to make a guy fall in love with you. the program i've developed helps women like you and me make a man fall in love with you in no time. my secrets have proven effective. i've tried them myself, after all, they are my own expiriences.

how would you like to make the man of your dreams fall in love with you? and you don't even have to sleep with them. think about it, making a guy like you for who you are and not for how you look like.

through studies and research i've developed tricks to make men fall in love with you, the best part is that you don't have to be intimate with a guy. most guys want us women to prove their love physically, but the truth is, intimacy does not show that you love that person, there are other ways of knowing if a guy is in love with your or not.

if you are interested in knowing my secrets, reply to my post here and i will send them to you. i don't want to post there here because then other people will start to post them somewhere else and they'll just start to copy and i won't get credit for my work. - hope you understand..

i would also like to learn from you experiences, after all, no one gave you something for nothing right. so if you share your experiences with me, i'll share them with you.

now i want to know why you need this guy to love you?

Hi.. I'm Nayan
can u plz tell me that i'm in luv with sm1 n i really cant understnd that can we make our relationship for longer or not.
he is also in luv with me bt is it his true luv 4 me.......
as we both luv each odr n also tk care too much of each n evry thing.
as we both knw that one day we had to left each odr
So, can u plzz help me out of this prblem..........??
Well, unknown to u u have raise my hope and expectations. Pls I will like to read from findings, thanks. Juliana.
i really like a guy, but he told me he don't feel the same, is there anyway i can make him want me or love me? please thanks
Well I have known this guy for over a year and we have feelings for each other but he doesn't realize that.Each time I see him it gets better and better but one problem hes not asking me out? And I really want him too
Hi i read your article and i would like to read more on how to make a guy fall in love or know if they really love you.
im in love with a guy who has a girlfriend we ar also in a relationship,so im looking for tips on how to see if he loves u or just using u
My ex bf and I just found each other again he asked me out and then this other guy asked me out help me plz
hi....i believe women should unite together ,and i need those tips because i believe thers is something is wrong in the way i am in love with other partner....and iam in love real kind of love .....and i dont think i will feel like this again with any one else.....and believe me i have been through alot of troubles before i found him or lets say he found me and now he is the only in my eyes and i dont wnt to fail
How To Make my ex bf Love me Back i really love him and i want him to back to me =S! plzz help mee cuz i can't life without him !
please give me the secret
hi..i just want my guy back.. it's really hard to accept his reason why he break up with me. :'( he was my first love . i have loved him more than anything else. i just him to come back with me. please help me
He is very cute :)
i want it fast
cuz i love him
badly need it... thanks..^_^
hello, I just wanted to ask for your help... I really like this guy, i can't explain but everytime we talked i felt like i was flying high in the sky... there's something on him which i can't explain and make me fall for him deeply... I hope you can help me... thanks in advance...
I really like this guy and I don't know how to make him fall in love with me, pls send it to me!!!! Thanks
please send me the info if possible xox
pls send for me !! If it possible to let a guy that he didnt recongnise me fall in love with me ? i secretly admire him like three years already~
am crazy about this guy and he likes me but doesnt want a commitment but am for a commitment,plea help
i like this page.....;.
sis I am in love with one boy , he's in the same school as me I am crazy about him , can you help to make him in love with me?
Hi, i date a guy 4 2 year and now he want 2 dump me 4 another girl.
please send the tips
Appreciate your help here...i love this guy and i want to make him crazy in love with me and cannot live without me.
hi i have problem to my bf he doesn't txt or call me after he said he will call me back and visit me at home. and now i have big problem. cos if im pregnant i dnt no what to do. pls help me all i want it call me and visit me at home or back him with me plss hope you will responds soon.
me and my boyfriend we were almost going to 5 years this coming june and it seems to be not good enough when we were in a fire situation(mad to each other). he dont respect me at all anymore when i talk to him calmly he always close his eyes and pretending he wants to sleep so i feel i give it all and how it come in this way?.. please help by giving me a copy. i want to make it up with this relationship
i really nid this to let the guy experience the hurt and sufferings he have caused me..i,ve given him evrything but i failed.worst our 3 yrs. old son got truma..i had a 12 stitches operation on my head when we fight bout her other girl.
Please help me Im ilove with this boy hes amazing and id love to date him by friday please help me <3
im loving a guy nd he told me that he dont but first he made me feel that he does thats whay i fell in love with him nd when he was sure that i love him nd i told him that he started to go away nd telling me that he dont love me nd he didnt nd he is flirting with most of my friends nd i want to make him really love me everybody told me that its over but i didnt give up hope bcoz i really love him i cant forget him :(
am interested to know so that i'l know also how to make my bf stay longer to me
I am in love with my best friend since 10 yrs but he does not feel the same. pl help me..i want him to feel the same for me..
i luv a guy and he said he luvs me too but dump me after 21 days of relation saying he dint luv me he luvs sum1 else i just filled the gap he gave loads of ans...we dont talk anymore but i want him should i get him back..??
i dated a guy for seven yrs all along i thought he loved me so much and he could never live me..... but he just dumped me for another girl.....
I am in lov with a good,strong,cut & handsome boy.I am a muslim and he is also a muslim..the thing is he love me and i also lov him but now he is tring to blackmail me now what should i do????My two friends are saying me Ann & Shifa..And now i am also thinking that is it truth or not.......
hi . I fall in love with a guy sine 6 years ago but he always break our relation and after some weeks or month he wiil bake again and so on and so on.. I don't know what should i do to make him love me for good.
Hi i would love the information. Thanks
I would love to know this! :)
hi, i so much love him,i want him to luv me just d way i love him to. pls help me out. thanks
how do u make them fall in love with u fast
i am interested i want my ex back.send me please.tnx.
I need him. He is my drug.
there is this guy dat am madly in love with but he is scared of a broken heart again i have promised him that i will never ever hurt him cuz i myself was in that suituation so i wont do such i promised him to love and cherish him till death do us part but he keep telling me that he doesnt any girlfriend and i really want him can u help me out please
i dont know either i love him or not but i want thant he should love me
i love him n my love's age is 1year now.he was my schoolmate n now he is in college...he is my frnd on frnd asked him dat does he love me. bt he says no.. i knw he is lying.plz help me out
hey i like a boy in our school he is real hot and a lot of girl like him i think .bout i really love him and we dont really talk .i mean we never did talk plz send me what u think so fast
i want my ex bak....can u send them to me plz?
I like my best friend and he knows that , but i wish he has the same feeling .
Im faithful and his the man of my dream. He love my family and his very respectful.. I want to know what should i do so he will love me more.
please copy me the tips PLEASE!!!!
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