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read this article if you want to find if a guy is in love with you. There are ways a girl always knows when a guy likes you but when you dont have expirience, it can be a difficult task to find. you can find the signs a guys gives you when he is in love
hi there, was wondering if you by any chance have expirience with guys and relationship with gals.. my question is:

how to know if a guy is in love with you?

there are some guys who just tell you they like you or they love you but i know this guys is kinda shy and well, i would like to know how can you tell if he is in love you with you? can they fake it? i want to belong to him only!!! any comments please...
if a guy is in love with you, he will take it beyond words. if he has been hurt in the past then it might take him longer to say, but not in showing it. sometimes if a guy is too afraid, not shy, to say it then he might not have moved past his past yet so watch out for that.
can a guy love you with alll his heart without showing it. if a guy is truely in love with me how would i know that such person is in love with ,whta would his charactere look like .if atall his in love would he be asking for fun every week when ever am with him he would like to have sex eith me i really cant understand if he truely loves or his just pretending
i really want to know if my guy is in love with me.
i heard somewhere that there pupils dilate! i don<t know if its true but i hope so..! i<m like in the same situation as you!
i have a friend hu's always calling me all the time. he's too busy with his job, but he really find ways to get in touch with me..he always keep me posted..he always ask me to blow kisses to him over the phone..we talks more than 5 hours before he hop on his bed..and he's always insisting me to hang out with him..he always says he misses me all the time. do you think he likes me more than friends?
will how do you find out if they love you or not?
hi ravi from mumbai xzxzzy4yz4 /x3z34yy3zx pls call me and answer my few questions about womens signs about their lips and fingures its created me a problematic pls help me out
hey.. well this is hard its this guy ughh he just tells me so much but i dont know if to believe him ive know him my whole life i dont know if he loves me as he says he do but some times im like so sure of him bcus he tells me every thing about him but i just want to keep my gaurd up
well he alwayz said ido ido he would alwayz tell my friends oh i love her. he never really expreces his feelings only i time he said i love you im so confused and then he said what if i asked you to marry me
he spend time to be with you despite your distance...
i lik som1 bt i dnt kw weather he liks me or nt?we used 2 taiks somtim on facebook or gtaik bt he taiks me vey sweetly n he gave me kw plz help hw i cn kw he love me or nt?
i want to know that i m in love but he dont love me i try to tell him but no response from him
I'm interested in how can I know if a guy is in love with me?
i wish i wud gt 2 chart wiz u da mre afta ma reply
I don't know if the man online loves me he's my online boyfriend we chat a lot , he called me in my phone and text me send emails and sometimes were doing jokes on cam and dirty talks although we haven't met in person just cam .I really don't know if he's true or not but he said he's serious and he loves me so much
well if he is faking it he would not be giving you hints me i am geting some hints of my man and yes we are now togther becaues he told me that he loves me .....
i so want to know if he's in love with me. i want to know if i love him too. *sigh*
Yea, by the way he looks at you. And smile when u ask "why do u keep looking at me?" Calls and ask to see you almost everyday. Wants you to meet his friends and family.. thats it. thats the truth and only truth
ur tripping girl...u got to wait till he makes his move alright
in my con guys dn't usually says problem that the guy i luv tell me that am his pest friend and ever one tell me that he love theway we was in reletionshipe
Well there is 1 guy in my class & i really like him & he likes me too.( But i am working on it) :) If you wanna know if your/not crush likes you just try to get know his friends very well,then his friends will talk about you and your crush will respond to them if he really likes you.But the way i finded out my crush likes me is that he talked about me even if he doesnt ever talk to me.The whole class started saying Omg!... Loves her!He always looked at me when we are in school. Just try to spy his friends,your friends and him what they talk about .
thers a guy in my school...3 months i heard that he loves me..but he is a i dont know whether he loves me now or can i confirm it through his actions towards me.....plz plz help
I wanna know if my boyfriend is in love with me or he is just keeping for the sake of having a girlfriend
i m in love with a someone and we have spend the weekend together but no sex but i want him to fall in love with me
please contact me about the book you have. You said you know the tricks
please i need help am inlove with this who has never express his feels towards me b4 and is kinda gettin me confuse
i whant to know can i keep my boy friend fore a long time
Outgoing boys make it obvious, but if it is a shy guy he will be really discrete;
does he end up at many of the events you are at? does he look at you when he thinks you dont know? is he loud when he is around you..pretending to ignore you?? if so HE LIKES YOU ALOT
he probz does if he pretends your not dere, dats what da shy one doo :P
He always looks at me even if he is far away from me.He have a love face when he looks at me .And he is kinda shy of me.
I m 13...n the boy vich i like, is kind of shy 2 me... bt v msg ech othr..n he 2... bt i really wanna kno if he luvs me or not!! v r gud frndzz but he nevr talks 2 me whn hizz frndzz r around him.. v only msg ech othr...once i snt him msg sayng m missin him...n i think so that his frndzz kno that i LIKE/LOVE HIM...:)
well i am 15 nd idk if mi bf realy loves me cuz he says he dose but we brake up nd get together nd all he dose is like me fo mi body in stuff but i do love him
yea i know that love is like love someong for them not what they have♥♥
first of you need to learn proper grammer and type your question so we can understand what your talking about.Second if hes not talking to you when his friends are around, or simply just by a text message than hes not interested. Good luck! and pay attention in school, maybe youll learn how to spell.:):)
If the guy inlove with you, his shy to tell it to you.. he make some clue to express it.
for me what i know is if a guy love u he pretend not to let u know but will make sure u are always happy.but i will like to know more about when a guy love his girlfriend so much, how he behave, what he do and how he treat his girlfriend.
i am not sure about the idea of love,dating, and relationships.but i want to goin this site or program which i hope can help me in my relationship.
u speak to him abt sum oder boy too much in sch a case either he will overact actin to b sweet or he wil try to chng the topic or just walk away that means he likes you..!!!
Chel... I read your comment on her "grammar"*** and spelling, and would like to notify you that you can't spell perfectly either. You even "off" wrong! To answer the question originally asked, I believe that when a man is in love he will, most likely, tell you. If he doesn't, then watch for clues... He may occasionally watch you, just because he enjoys the way you move. He always likes to be touching you, holding your hand, or even just a fingertip on your shoulder. He may often comment on the cute things that you do, or the way he likes "this or that" about you.
4 me i dont think i want to go into any relationship 4 now.
this is so dumb. if a guy is in love with you he will tell can love someone with out being in love with them. you will know when it happens
I think that you will know when a guy is in love with you, when he looks at you with nothing but passion, and when he doesn't let anybody bring you down. He'll never hurt you or betray you. And of course, when he has the guts to tell you to your face. :) <3
i think sum guys dont know what they r doing when they say they dont want to tell u. because it is obvious they want ur attention and want u to keep on asking. all they want is ur attention! u know its either sum1 u know and they know or its u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its sorta silly but i have always wanted my first kiss with another guy that hasnt kissed any1 b4 but i really like this guy who seems 2 like me 2 but hes already had a "romance" with someone else and if i dont get together with him now i will never be able 2 c him again cuz hes moving to nother school.
Well., I'm 17 and the guy I've been dating for about 3 years tells me that he's in love with me., and he's done things like call me at random times to tell me he loves me and when I'm asleep he'll kiss my forehead and I'll wake up and he'll tell me he loves me., but he hadn't told me that he was in love with me until about a month ago when he proposed., so it might take a long while for a guy to fall in love with you., but if he's worth it he will and he'll cherish you and make you feel things you've never felt before..
I love a boy
how to know if he loves me cuz i really want to know,cuz now he now here
i would love to meet a woman that will have a baby with me so my wife cant be a mother and live with us to be apart of the babies life
My boyfriend treats me well but watches cartoons and stares at other women when we are out together! Is he into me?
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