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hi, if there are any girls wanting to know how to get a guy to fall in love with you, i have the answer, if anyone wants to know, let me know and i'll post it here. these are top secret, so once you have them you shouldn't give them to another guy, these secrets are for women only. let me know if you want them..
you are correct, love does exists if you only wante it, otherwise, you will never see it go by in front of you
i am in love with this guy, he is so sweet i never thought i would fall in love with that type of guy because i used to think he was not my type, now i see how wrong i was not giving him a chance earlier
Hii really like this boy but he doesnt like me and i have liked him for ages and ages but he still doesnt like me i have tried flirting and bieng kind but he just carries on normally please i like him so much!!!!!!!
I need help! There's this super cute and funny new guy with a great personality in my 7th grade class, but there are a lot if other girls fighting for his attention. I have already been texting him,and we are kinda friends, but I want to know how to make him like me and how for him to be mine. Please help me I need it.
HELP ME PLEASE! I am in grade 7 and there is this really cute guy i know. He is cute, funny etc etc. But we hardly ever talk and our convos are super short. and if that isnt bad enough i have another girl flirting with him and she is WAYY prettier than me. How can i make him mine <3 Please help me!
Please post it! I am in grade 8, and there is this really hot guy that I want to go out with me, but he likes another girl and is VERY flirty with her. HELP ME!!!
im in 6th grade and this guy dosent even say hi to me how do I get him to notice me?
plz tell me the secret
There seems to be no reply to any of the questions/comme HaHa
there's dis cute guy in my class that i love but i don't know if he feels the same though he's friendly to me i really want him to love me too as i do to him
Ok so there is this guy I like and I have never talked to him in person but I have talked to him on facebook. When I first talked to him we messaged for like three hours but now I think he is ignoring me any suggestions?
what do i do if hes avoiding me? ryan is rather strange....
what or how do you a guy to fall for you when he is telling you that he dosent know to love any more becuse or his ex and that he seems real and you dont know what to do because of all the stff he tells and you dont know if its a lie or if it;s real becuase he tells you every thing he has done with others girld and he tell you i want to go out with you but at the sames time i dint becuase i know am gonna hurt you
i told him that i love him but i don't know if he loce so, cani make him falll in my love?????????
k so REALY REALY love this guy think he likes me back but i dont know how mu ch...hes tall.into books . not exactlycute but ill give him this hes my type makes me lagh.... one time he picked me up from behind i was innitialy shocked but before i new it i was giggleing mi head off .he set me down and looked at me all wired and asked if he could try something.i said sure .then picked me up by my sides and held me above his head i think he twirled me. duno. it was fun i was laghing the whole time ......... i realy extremely liked it but what do i do now .i want a relationship but im 2 chicken 2 ask
omg please tell me i really need to know!
What are they?
I ask this guy out and then he said no and I REAKKY love him. I want to make him mine and make him love me plz help. I think he might be the one for me.
He asked me out and he just doesn't want to kiss me what should i do ?
Please, can I have them.
please can you tell me.
Tell me i beg you!
i want them please
i like a guy in my school...he is senior..i proposed him but he said i don't believe in love....but he said yes for friendship...we talked on mobile for few months....i wanted to be in touch with him....and want to make him fall in love with me...please tell me wat to do???
There is a guy named Phil, and I know that I love him, but he seems not to have any interest in me. Please tell me what to do!
i love this boy in my class his names is JACOB and i need tips on how to get hem
im only 10 and i love this boy in my class and his name is Frederic he always stares at me and i love him i need help to make him ask me out
tell me please, cause i seriously need to know cause this guy goes to my skoool, and he is soo hot & oh' daayum i cudn't stop thinkinq about him from the moment i saw him.
pls tell me I also want to know
well there is this guy i really like him but my only problem is that he likes another girl but the girl is my friend and she doesnt like him but he doesnt know that so how can i get him to unlike her and like me
I love this boy we went out twice and I really want to go out with him again how do I get him to like me
i want this guy who is 13 to love me his my best friend
im 15 and ive known this guy for like 9 years and i really like him but he says hes not into relationships right now he says he wants to hang out more but i want him to feel how i feel about him what do i do??
hi my name is katie i like this boy he is the same age as me but i dont know if he like me back i mean he feels me some times a i dont know if that mean anything i want to ask him out but im a bit shy so what sould i do xxxx
my boi always say u dont love me !!!!!! but i love him soooo much nd even i dont know how to attract nd how to romance !!!! i need help !!! :(
AddieNanan Islam
hey im 15 n diz boi lik my friend n im n love with him how cud i get him to feel the same way as i do fo him
ya i wanna the tips,advice.
plz send it to me asap
thanks so much
i want to know
PLEASE tell me!!!
i wanna know the top secrets
Yeah, I'm 14 n I reeeeeally lyk this guy n I want him 2 lyk mhe alot as well. Idk if he lyks mhe alot but I dnt think so. I'm not looking for a serious relationship bt I am trying 2 get da best of him. Can yhu help mhe plzzzzz? :)
how please tell me because i have a friend i want him to fall in love with me!
if u need to no if he likes you ask him ur self
Hi im sonia i jst roundup out im in love it was love at first site... I met him we walked - at - the park & dnt know if I gave a bad expression but I want him 2 love me now I can't get him out of my head need help.need. answers
ilove this boy i loved him every since i first met hime in 5 grade and he is popular and he likes best friend and i dont know what to do to get his attention he makes me smile but if he forms a realationship with my best friend our friendship is over because she knows i like him
Hi, I had a problem like that once. Be confident! Guys like it when you are not afraid. Go up and talk to him, or his mates even and fine something you two have in common. Add him on Facebook or myspace if you have either and start a convo between you too. Continue to find stuff out about him.... Once you become really good friends go from there! He might not want to date you until you two are friends, so start working on having an amazing friendship :D Hope this is kinda helpful! Good luck
hey, i have really liked this kid for like a year now and he glances over at me once or twice but thats it im in love with him!! but he is popular thats the problem... please help me i dont know wat to do!!!
i hope i get the answer
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