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another question i had was if anyone knows how i can find out if anyone is checking out my profile on facebook
i have a facebook account and i wanted to put your nice wallpapers but i can't seem to get it done. another question i had was if anyone knows how i can find out if anyone is checking out my profile on facebook. i also have a friendster account and i am able to see who has visited and seen my profile but on facebook or myspace i can't seem to find something like that so if anyone want knows how i can get this information i can give it to you. its a secret though, because this is something facebook doesnt want you to know, but there is actually a way to do it. i dont want to post it here though cuz i might get in trouble so i will only give it to some people who really needed. if you need it you have to tell me why you need to know and ill send it to you. for example, a good one is like if you want to know if your ex is checking you out, or maybe like your you suspect your parents are spying on you.. tell me
I have an abusive ex that I have a restraining order on. I am afraid that he is trying to locate me to hurt me and want to know if he is looking for me or not. Thank you, living in fear.
I am interested in a boy, I want to know whether he is interested in me or not. Thanks.
He is a pedaphile.I don't want him to be able to get information on me.He molested my granddaughters and his daughters.His daughter is my niece.She and my granddaughters are on my profile
please tell me how can i know if someone is viewing my profile because my parents r spying on me,please sir or madam it is an request
I just wanted to know if my ex is cheking my facebook profile. Thanks!
Who's been checking my daughter's fb... we are worried of ex bf
I have tenants that moved out & took my information from my computer hardrive amongst other things.I believe they are monitoring my page/account? I would like to be able to check this. Kindly thanking you or your help.
I want to see if anyone is spying on me.I had some trouble in the past with hackers. Thanks
I want to know if someone is on my facebook page because I tink dat my ex husband and my boyfriend baby mom be on my page.
im going through a seperation and she told me she needed space so im curious if she is checking out face book to see my blogs thank you
Need to verify if my ex's gf is stalking my profile
i wanna know who checks out my fb profile..... is there a way?
i think my ex is syying on me coz he seems to kno everything i do....pliiiiz pliiiiiiz tell me how to kno whos checking out my profile...thanx....
Yes please do tell very interested in finding out who goes on my page
I think a crazy person is stalking my pages. I have met a few suspicious people but I don't want to judge them unfairly without knowing for sure. I also want to know so I can see about blocking the person.
im being stalked and humiliated by info gained from my FB account, its destroying my life and i need to know how this person/people are accessing my fb account and who?
i just want to know if there's anyone stalking me or just checking me out.
dude i think this goth wierd chick is stalking me we loveed and she sucked my private and i think she has some of my hair to im really scared and conserned
i would like to know if my ex is viewing my fb profile
fill me in as well..I need confirmation on the spies and despisers!
Hi I want to know if my ex still checks my facebook because I want to get back with him and want to know if he feels the same way. Please help me!
i am interested in a man. i know that he never comments or likes anything on my profile but i just want to know if he really cares about me or not. so please i really need it
would like to know if someone is checking me out on facebook as well. Thx.
I need the information. I have an ex that has claimed to check my Facebook and the accounts of women that I have dated or that i currently date. I believe that she is stalking me. I need to have some proof. Thank you
I like this girl, I am sure she likes me too, but I need to find out if she is checking me out. Also my ex is trying to hurt me more than she already has , i need to make sure she is not keeping tabs. thanks
people from my family are after me...and i wana know if those fake accounts with no info in them are after i msged them that i know they r checking me they are not checking me from their original accounts on facebook but there are 4/5 contacts checking me ....which are definitely fake accounts made by them.i wana track them.can u help?
There are some girls who invite me into their friends but never chat with so i want to find out if they're just trying to increase the number of friends on facebook or whatever
I want to see if ex is checking my facebook
i want to know if my best freind for years whom i dont talk to now is chekin me out
I would love to know if my ex-gf who I'm still into, is checking my FB status or photo updates plz!!

Thx a lot!
my account was hacked and i want to know by who
How do I know if my ex-boyfriend is watching my FB page? Thank you.
hi , i like this girl and i think that she dse but i wana see fshe is cheeki my fb page to hae confirmationsthat she doseraly like me
i want to know if my mom is spying on me and if my boyfriend cares about my profile
I would like to know who has been checking my profile do I find this out
I would like to know who are checking my profile and if my ex been checking my profile.
I wanna know if my boyfriend ex is viewing me..
i would like to know if my ex is cheking on my profile
I would like to know if someone I really wish was not in my life is checking my facebook and it was hacked and I am suspicious of them...please help!
im like a fue girls on fb but realy wondered if they were intrested in me by looking in my pics n profile, which i wouldnt find out, but if i could id show more intrest instead of worring about been rejected. thanks
i want to check about a girl that i'm friends with since 5 months, and she's answering the same questions i answer, so i want to know if she likes me, so please can u give me that info so i can see if she visited my profile?
i want to know it, because i have an ex, and i still like him..i want to know if he still checks me out.. help pls?..
I would like to know if I am being facebook stalked by this person who follows me around.
Wow.. everyone seems to want to know who is checking you out on facebook. This page is full of personal stories and no answers. I was curious as well and that's how I got here. Here is a possible answer. I am not sure if it's correct though: soci LUCK :-)
Hi I have a feeling my girlfriends X is looking to find info about me to use it in some way against me. She left him because he was acting out of his mind.
Ive been getting random people trying to friend me after me and my ex broke up, and I'm trying to see if he's the one that's spying on me.
need it rigth away?
want to know if girlfriend spying on me
I need to know if my Boyfriend is spying on me
my mom hired someone to spy on me through my facebook. she wont tell me who it is
I wonder if an x girl freind is stalking me?
i tthink my parents are spying on me!!!
I truly believe my parents are spying on me
Please tell me if my ex girl friend is peeping on my FB account and how frequently is she checking my account she is not my FB list of friends but seems that whatever I put, she reads it and then sends me a nasty email. Thanks for your help.
i wanna knw if my ex checks my profile please show me how to check
My ex is not a nice person and I want to know if he is spying on my FB account.
Thanks, Virginia
i just want to know whos checking my facebook account profile can ou that favour for me!
please! i am requesting the information needed to watch and protect my facebook account there have been strange things happening on my page, to my page and i know it is being caused by a disturbed individual so if you can please sent me the info a,s,a,p it would be greatly appreciated and it would save me the stress aggravation and higher blood pressure!

you in advance!!!
i wanted to know if my hb is spying on me because some time he is so annoying me about my face book. thanks
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