i have a facebook account and i wanted to put your nice wallpapers but i can't seem to get it done. another question i had was if anyone knows how i can find out if anyone is checking out my profile on facebook. i also have a friendster account and i am able to see who has visited and seen my profile but on facebook or myspace i can't seem to find something like that so if anyone want knows how i can get this information i can give it to you. its a secret though, because this is something facebook doesnt want you to know, but there is actually a way to do it. i dont want to post it here though cuz i might get in trouble so i will only give it to some people who really needed. if you need it you have to tell me why you need to know and ill send it to you. for example, a good one is like if you want to know if your ex is checking you out, or maybe like your you suspect your parents are spying on you.. tell me