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so how do really know when someone who is shy or quite likes you? No matter what anyone tells you, ther's only are real way to know. Ask that person. You have nothing to loose. the worst the could happen is that the person tells you that they don't. So what if they dont like you, life goes on. But the reward in knowing if he or she likes you its worst the emabarrasment - Trust me. Go for it and ask. You can't read people's mind.

someone recently broke my heart because i didn't take action sooner. there was this girl i know, i liked her alot, i would give her my looks, you know staring at her, but she never paid much attention to me cuz i was too young for her. she's like 35 and i am 26. i tried to convince her that age doesn't matter but she though i was just good for love. i wouldn't mind the "only love" but i guess i would want more than just that. so i am feeling a little blue right now because i am so shy. i wish i wasn't so shy. that part about her age was just an excuse because i delayed and someone else got to her before i could. so i guess shy was just being nice and giving me the age excuse.

tell me why do you like this shy guy, i really would like to know, maybe i can learn from you

hey i meet this guy online and he was trying to talk to me like trying to get to know me. he would ask if i was going to so & so's party. when i asked him he said yes. after that i seen him a couple of times at a few random parties. at the parties it was highly obvious that he was staring at me. everyone says he is a nice guy and he's really shy.. so i wrote him a email asking/ telling him i seen him staring at me and i was wondering if you liked me or something?... he wrote bak no he dont, and i wasnt staring at u... so idk if i scarred him off, or if he doesnt really like me...
please help!
well i been seeing this guy but i dont kno anything about him..everytime i see him, he would look at me then at the floor, hands in his pockets, look up then walk away..what is tht mean?..does he like me??
i go to college with a guy that i've had three classes with, so far. we both live with our babie's daddy and mamma. i find myself thinking about him all the time. the days i have class with him, i dress nicer, and i wear perfume. i smiles at me when he notices me, but he talks to a lot of females (casually). one time he asked me how my fiancee and i are getting along. i was wondering if he was being nosey, or was he sort of flirting. i really wish that i can stop thinking about him, and sometimes it's fun.
hi. i need help like in a bad way...... like i am really shy, and i mean really shy "sigh" i am 21 and well its kind of emberesing but ive never had a girl friend,been on a date, or even asked a girl out or anything like that. and what hurts most about it is well you know how everyone has a dream like the one thing they want more then anything in the world, that one thing that they all ways wanted.... well mine is to find a girl that is sweet,smart,decent looking(which to me looks isint everything, but is a bonus),has a good head on her shoulders that i could love, grow old, and have a loving family with. but.... i am all ways too shy and scared to ask any girl out. and i all ways feel like im going to be alone forever and that hurts more then anything else. what do i do? im just so lost on this. i mean i dont think i am a bad looking guy or have a bad personallity. i love to read and i listen to all kinds of music and im very open minded and a good listener. i just dont understand why i cant ask any girl out. please help me out with some kind of advice! oh and i apologize for this really long post but for any advice i can get to any who could give me some i thank you for your time in doing so in advance.
why do guys looks at the girl he likes and when she's looking at him he looks away? and here's another question why do guys stop and "tie thier shoe" and gets back up.
becuz its embarasing when a girl catches you while your checking her out. duh
hey mike u r not alone, i am 22 and in great physical condition as i do kickboxing but i find it soo hard to approach girls to talk to them. usually beforehand i feel confident but when i arive at the club or whatever my confidence goes to hell. it makes me feel really bitter and angry, i feel i am cursed. i see other guys getting girls and it kills me inside as i wish so badly i could get a girl
if you really got into a girl, all i want to tell you is to tell her, gently and honestly. don't ask stupid questions like "i like you very much, do you like me...?", just tell her, in an email or a text if you feel difficult to speak to her, that you like her. don't be naive in thinking that the girl would come to you first just because of certain meaningless staring from you. girls like to know that, especially from a polite nice guy. they need respects in this matter. don't wait there! many girls, even looks very extroverted, maybe very conventional inside. she could never hold enough courage to tell you even she likes you as well. guys remember,you shouldn't let your girl speak out for you. otherwise, you are not deserve her.
i really like this guy but he's really shy and i can't tell if he likes me. he looks at me every once in awhile but i'm still not sure what that means. i'm shy to so i'm scared to go up to him and tell him i like him, sometimes i think i can be a little stand offish but i don't mean to. i said hi to him and he turned around to look behind him. i think he didn't think i was saying hi to him. i wish it could be easy to tell a guy likes you.
ok everyone look if a guy like you and he's shy he's not going to come out and say it women always thinks the man should come up and say he likes her... think about this if he could he would most the time a guy is shy because he's asked someone out before she shot him down or he's dos'nt think hes good enough for her no matter how much he likes her. and if a woman dose like a guy as much as she thinks she dose ask him and let him know you care for him if he's worth being with he wont take you for granted nor will he think you're easy... there's a saying "like me love me or hate me. if you want to be with me then ask me if not then leave me" another words if he really like you when you say something to him about liking him he will let you know he like you to. and if you say hi to him say it to him like you would a friend or famley not from ten feet away. im not trying to be mean im just saying it the way it should be said... and christi you have to think about this not every one has a ladys number or email.
hi, i love this guy, but i'm not sure wether he loves me, i don't have the guts to go up to him and say i love him, and i think he is shy to
he stares at me and looks away quickly, he tries to come close to me, he touches me, he smiles ate me and tries to find out more about me, he gets jealous when other boys come around me
does it mean that he loves me?
so i really need help, how can i tell if he is interseted in me?
what r the signs, clues or hints to how men fancy or love women
how will i know if my friend loves me?
is it true that girls dont like shy guys.

im a very shy guy. i want to find a girl who is full of energy, who smiles alot and its fun so i can share all my happy momments with her. but im to shy to tell her i love her.

how do i do it?
hi guys! i need help in 'decoding' (insert lol here) a shy guy. my desk was next to his in 5th grade and we were pretty close. we talked-more like note-passed-about everything and he had this crush on my best friend back then. he was my crush that time, so yeah. bam! he crushed my sodding heart. boohoo.

anyway, a conflict started with me and my best friend and the class was really awkward with it. i couldn't wait for the year to end. he kinda sided with her, btw.

after a year, a friend of mine-a popular girl-told me that the guy likes me. and of course i couldn't believe it. we were all shuffled that year, so we weren't classmates. i went looking for my new best friend and saw him. turns out he was her classmate and i asked if he knew where she was. he seemed really amazed that i still remember his name and started to stutter.

now that we're in highschool, i kinda see him looking at me and stuff. i never really got 100% over him, i guess, even if i did like some guys in between. i kinda swear i can see him looking at me sometimes, and when i look at him, he stares away really quick. when he has to enter the classroom (we belong in different rooms) to post an announcement, he looked really stiff and awkward when he saw me.

we did charity work one time and the kid he was looking after came running to me and he was like a statue.

so now, the million-dollar question: does he or does he not like me?
my advise is this

when you stare people in the eyes and say something, you can feel the power of the words that come from your heart
i just met a guy a couple days ago and he's really cute but also really shy. he never makes rarely makes eye contanct with me and he doesn't talk to me either. but even after my friends told him all about my embarrasing moments, he doesn't act any different. he's near impossible to read. help me!!! how do i know if he likes me???
okay....theres this guy in my biology class.
he sits right across from me and i like him.
and i think he likes me 2.
cuz every now an then i catch him looking at me.
what do i do?
it hurts so badly. i do not understand what is going on. last thursday i nervous i take on me and wave at him he said something while running but can't catch ok but it was a hi to me. not once flirt with me while my intervals only at the end he looks at me but when he does that he always surprised me and i get really shy and nervous and confused and blushes thanks i was running and jumping so he will not see is for him. happen that a lot of men are trying to catch my attention to the gym i remark but they not really interest me. one was talking to me when my crush went out to the bathroom and he looks at him like "god he likes her''. you should see the face he had so surprised. the same time he was saying hi to someone and he smiles and left, he looks like happy and concern. today i went he was running but no chance come so we could be close, when he went out the bathroom the other guy who was talking to me thursday, was around while i exercise, he point his finger at him and said hi to him and walk away walking a bit strange not smiling just unconfortable.why? i find it a bit wierd. only thing his my ex trainer know my crush and the other guy but they seems.
well i like this shy guy his name is ethan and my best friend likes this guy named mathew and mathew and ethan are best friends.laura said that mathew told ethan that i was looking at him once and ethan smiled and looked at me and he saw me look at him and he said now 2 and then i sence we can't keep up with em i have to keep and eye on mathew and laura has to keep and eye on ethan. we came up with these signals and well 1 means that he is looking at you 2 mean that he is stareing 3 means he is turning red cause you are talking to guys at the end of the day i got a whold bunch of one twos and threes laura got one and twos the reson for she never got a three is because she nvr talks to guys. so do you think they likes us
hi so yeah i like this guy. we made out and he told me to call him. but he never answered when i phoned. awhile went by and he text me. we talk off and on. but he is rarely online now, and says a few things here and there.he even went as far as to say he was in love with someone but they didnt feel the same way. do you think he was hinting that it was me? grr so frusterating help,,,
i'm a shy lass. this one time a guy came up to me, who i still fancy now. i just went to pieces with him! i couldn't speak, i was so nervous! i just kept intensely staring at him for ages (right in the eye), blushing & gulping. he stared back -he may have thought what i did was a bit cute. but i felt so stupid.
mostly he probably just stares at you alot, or looks away quickly if you catch him checking you out.
he might blush if you are both talking. or he could attempt subtly to get your attention or get closer to you.
main thing is, his behaviour changes around you, nobody else, then you know he's got it bad for you! x
why doesnt a man talk to a woman he likes
i think there is nothing wrong with a person taking chances i mean life in general is full of chances and opportunities
how to tell if a man loves you and wants to marry you.
i love this guy and he said that he loves me too.but i calls him often and on without geting any call from him. though he answers almost every call that i make. i do the calls alone. what do you think?
sorry your heart is broken shy guy.
i am in the same boat as you.
i am older and i think this yournger guys likes me, and can
tell he is very very shy, he flirts all the time, stares,
gets nervous,notices every about me, remembers the little thing i have told him, evan avoids me sometimes, he has tried to talk to me, but sometimes walks right past me, and stares. here is the deal
i really do like younger guys, and i really like this guy,
but when i try to talk to him, sometimes he is short with me
i don't want to make him feel nervous and i am on the shy side also, but as shy as he is, so i was wondering does he really like me? should i talk to him more, i don't want to scare him off, he works at a place i go into a few times a week at the front desk at a gym..
i reallly like this guy at school. next year i'll start high school. i have told him how i feel. he smiled when i did and that was that. it was 2 or 3 days ago and now im on long weekednd and i cant stop thinking about him. what should i do if he says he likes me too?
i need answers!
i really like this guy. i told him and he kjust smiled. i keep thinking of him and i dont know what to do. i dent him an email to tell him that i meant what i said and to ask him how e felt. what do i do if he says yes. i'm in high school, am i too young. maybe i am but i can't stop thinking of him. he is really hot and a nice guy! i need answers quick!
well there is this guy who is one year older than me and i have noticed that he looks at me a lot.. i was running a few laps for pe and he was marking my number of laps and so i was talking to another person (a girl)in charge of marking the laps and just looked up at him (i was standing in front of him) and he just stared into my eyes without looking away and a few seconds later i looked away. also i was watching him play some sports and i looked at him and he did too but then he quickly looked away and looked back when i wasnt looking.. then recently i saw him huggung a girl (i think they are best friends) and i became alittle jealous.. i talked to him on myspace but he only replied once and then for thanksgiving i sent him a message and he just read it.. we dont talk that much either... im not sure if he likes me but does he??? pleez i need advice.. a lot!!!
i have been really close friends with ma brother best friend and now i am starting to have really strong feelings for him. i filth with him on a daily basis and he filths back but thats it. when it comes to it he backs off and i dont know if he liks me or no and im really shy so i find it hard to ask nim how he feels what do u think i should do ?
i flirted with a guy i fancied years back & vica versa. now when he sees me he doesn't smile, just stares but doesn't come over & talk to me. do you think maybe does like me, but he's unavailable, shy & afraid of rejection or something & wants me to make the first move?
i like a shy guy so so much.indeed i dont really know how and why because we dont speak a lot with each other.he is so nice and sweet,at least it seems to me so.we went to the cinema once and that was the most beautiful evening of my life.i'll never forget his eyes on those moments.i'm relatively shy too and here's the problem cuz i cant tell him what i feel.but probably he has noticed that anyway.i like his smile a lot.and i'd give everything just to know what's in his mind and what does he think.we are on the same school bus and he used to get a little bit nervous when my ex came in the bus.but now we smile at each other.bbut when he sees me in the hall,he never says hello or you think he likes me or is he interested in me?
i like his face, his height, the way he moves, his personality, but he's three years older than me...
theres this guy that was in my class last semester and now he's in 2 of my classes. it seems like the only people he really talks to in those classes is me. and this kid alex. but alex has to start a conversation with him to talk back. but i really like him. but he is so shy it bothers me. i even asked him why he didnt talk much. and he said because i have nothing to say. i swear he might have mind powers lol and he is so perfect almost robotic. i could never see him getting in any trouble. but i am getting up to asking him more personal questions. but he seems very locked down still after knowing him for a couple months.
i got to know that a guy has a crush on me. he is quite shy. i spoilt the matter by being aloof whenever i sees him so as to disguise my anxieties. this is because i am lacking in confident and feeling insecure as he seems much younger. recently he seems indifferent when we meet. i really regretted my behaviors. how to let him know i actually like him and salvage the situation? for your information, we do not know each other in person.
will I can see where you are comming from five years back I liked a guy but I was 35 he was in his 20s I liked him but age can play apart now if he walked back in my life I would TELL HIM if we like each other then here I are so IF YOU find her tell her dont hold back from noeleen
i really like a shy guy and he knows.i cant stop thinking about him.what should i do ?
I like this guy, I don't know if he's shy. actually he's more outstanding. but when he's around me he's quieter. I think I heard him say to a friend he likes me, but I'm not sure though....
WEll i like this guy but i dont know if he likes me. My friends would help me out sometimes and ask him for me if i could have his number and he said yea but his phone wasnt working. But then later on he told my friends something about how my brother kept pressuring him into going out with me and he doesnt like being pressured so he stopped likeing me but that only wat i heard but i can never be sure. I Just wish he would talk to me himself so i can understand this for sure.
Hi ive met this guy, we text all the time... his texs say the most beautiful things. he can only speak to me on the phone when hes had a drink.and we've met up once but he comes with a friend and i come with mine.
3 Laws of Attraction Law 1: Be confident and not too eager or the other person will withdraw. Drop hints about your interest in them but always leave room for ambiguity. If they respond with subtle hints, you up the ante Law 2: Be mysterious - when first contact is made, don't give out all your secrets. Let the person figure you out little by little. This piques their interest and keeps them engaged Law 3 - Be humorous. they'd rather be with someone who makes them laugh
i have the same feeling as u when ever i like a guy and ask him out he says no idk y he says no if he is always staring at me so i hope u can help me
I like shy guys because they are the sweetest guys in the world. They are the only guys that usually aren't douches. But they have a hard time showing you affection or how they feel about you. I'm dating a shy guy and I really feel like he's the one but he doesn't really show any feeling when we're around people. I'm kinda scared that he'll break up with me though because I have "hoes" and they're always around me and pull me away when I'm with him. And he doesn't really talk to me when I'm around a lot of people but I think it's because he doesn't know them and doesn't want to interrupt. He doesn't really even say "hi" to me when we're in the halls. Idk what to do. Help?
I like a shy guy, so sue me. He's adorable and sweet and he's frigid like me. He's actually so hot. He does karate so he's tank-ish, but you wouln't be able to tell if you didn't know. He's just so damn cute. I catch him looking at me literally from the corner of his eye all the time, maybe it's cause he figured out I like him or something though?
I met this guy in a Pub and the second time we met, we dance and maybe after hours of dancing we eventually kissed, it was so freaking good.. but my friend wanted to go home when my fun just began and I had to leave. I saw him again after two weeks and it was so awkward for me bcoz i like him and I didn’t want to be like a glue just in case it was just a kiss for him..we had eye contact and all but that was it..Again my friend wanted to leave early and I told him I was leaving and he asked "why?" and I told him though it was so noisy not sure if he heard me coz his English is not so good because he is Dutch.. and Dutch guys are known to be shy.. hmmmm i don't know.
I am also very shy when I am around women! I have always been rejected by attractive ones! To be honest, Its not easy!! Here's the rub, I am a Dutchman, and I always have been very shy! I always thought that being shy is a sign of weakness!! Am I wrong? Anyhow, just thought I would put this out to see I get any kind of response!!
Hi, im yena 28, from Philippines, actually i like shy guy, those who doesn't flirt and say anything to anybody that much, i find it lovey actually, just try to write me, i love to hear from you. leeniah_cruz - at - yc
I really like this guy who has classes with me, bt he seems shy near me. when he sees me in the corridors he looks at me, and then looks down to his feet. he always has a sweet smile on his face which makes me even more crazy abt him..:) :P we have never toked to each other..:( when we are in the cafeteria..(he sitting with his frends and me sitting with mine..) i stare at him..and sometimes he stares me back bt then he quickly looks away. he is different from the guys i have seen..:) he is sweet, shy, and toks only when required..has a smiley face all the time..:) i really like him. and i wanna tok to him and knw more abt him..:/ do you think he likes me?? :/
There is a guy I have a huge crush on that does some classes with me, he always stares at me and always tries to sit with me, and when I stare at him he smiles and stares back. I think he likes me but I could be wrong. I think he is too shy to ask me out or anything . I'm also too shy to even ask him if he loves me. Should I ask him or not?
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