Do I Have A Tumor Quiz :'(

Take this informative health quiz if you suspect you may have a brain tumor. The answer you receive may surprise you. Good Luck!
i have a bump on the lower right side on the back of my head. its hard and doesnt hurt but it scares me because its gotten bigger and i get head aches all the time. i told my parents but they didnt seem concerned.
What Scares You The Most About This?
mi ght be tumor
the tumar
it came out of no where
it might be a tumor
head tumor
my headaches
it hurts
it being there
is it a tumour
not knowing what it its
lump out of nowhere
growing and pain
i have a bump on back of head
brain tumour
hurts to touch
that iv had back pain for around the same amount of time since i noticed the bump
What Advice Would You Give Others That Have The Same Concerns As You?
see a doctor
write your answer
go right to w doctor
if it hurts or if it is growing go to a doctor
see a doctor
go see the doctor
no clue
go to a doctor.
i dont know
see a dr with experience with this exact symptom.
see a dr.
follow up on it, unsure what it is as of yet
song know
hat advice w
go to the doctor
visit a doctor
try to go to a dotctor and discuss about it