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are you looking for selena gomez phone number for free well if you are there are many peple who have her fan call back number where you can actually call selena or leave a message and selena will actualy call you back i have proof

check it out selena gomez fans.. guess what i found selena gomez mobile phone number. if anyone is interested in having selena gomez's cell phone telephone number let me know and ill send it to you. i will. i just havent call it cuz im not allow to called any area code outside where i live. and this phone number is in california some where. can some one call it for me. ok but if you cant do that. ill send it to you, but first you gotta tell me what would you say to selena if you had her on the phone?

if you tell me i will send it to you ok, why i ask you to do this. well, i dont want to give it to just anyone, like h8r who would say bad things to her.

so. what would you say to selena if you were talking to her?

Which is your favorite wallpaper? btw, Thanks for all your comments, you can find her number in the comments below
hi selena gomez i am a great fan i love you. you are my best friend ever you are the best pop star i love you to call me this is my phone number plz call me For Zero Seven Eight Three Three Eight Four For Zero Three Four One call me plz selena gomes xxxx <Three <Three <Three
hello selena am ana can you ring me plz am a really good fan my phone number is For Zero Seven Seven Seven Four One Two Two Three For Zero Two
hey selena ! i really love you , so does my family ! i have 3 brothers and a sister . we all used to love watching wizards of waverly place ! actually my mom did too , she loved how you acted . we still watch it on netflix . i think your amazing and really pretty ! i would love to talk to you even for 5 minutes , idc , just to say hi or something ! i love you . my names timothy by the way - 4073735886
hey Selena will u call me please i love u Five Four Four Five One Zero -Four Two Four Five One Zero -Four Five One Zero Six Six Seven
hello selena, my name is ellie i live in in the uk. i have 2 pets a dog called benji(5 years old) and a cat called tommylee(11 years old) do you have any pets? i love your song tell me something i don't know, shake it up and bang bang bang whats your favourite song? do you have any sisters? i have 2 a one called jessica (7 years old) and a little sister called lilly- may (3 years old). jessicas really naughty. i am also having a baby brother because my moms having a baby.

hope to hear from you soon
your sincerely
ellie louise pjetri
hey selena this is brooke i just wanted to say that i love you and i am your biggest fan. you are so talented and beautiful if anyone ever tries to tell you anything else than they don't know you! thank you for everything you do for your fans! please never change we love you so much selena!
i'm selenas biggest fan
but i have to get her number
Hey Its Selena ! I Love My Fans! Thankyou For Supporting Me!!! My Skype Name Is selena.gomezFive Three Three Four Five One Two Add Me And We'll Video Chat See You Guys Soon ~Sel ;)
selena i am your biggest fan you are amazing you have been my favorite singer for 3 years love u
I love you and your music.Have you ever seen teen wolf?
hey my name is jace plzzzzzzz call my number is Four Eight Four Five One Zero Two Seven Six Three Nine Eight Eight . i promise i won't scream.
my skype is valerieThree Four Four Five One Two Four Five One Two add me Selena love u
hey selena gomez big fan you have an amazing voice i love you so much
I love u so muck I have posters of u I love u I love please I beg I die for u. Callme love u forever
hey selena l love your songs me and my sister love your songs we leaning to them at youtube your fan
hi i am your number one fan and i would love to meet you
Selena gomez u ur the best singer ever and i hope u have good luck and could u give me your phone number so i could call you please send me a message back bye love u
i love you n your song,,
What is ur number I am currently One Four Five One Zero years old my number is One Eight One Five Eight Eight Three Four Five One Zero Five Eight Nine luv u so much
I love you and will meet you con i have your phone number pleas
Im one of your biggest fans please can I have you number
selena i am one of your biggest fans and have been wanting to talk to you every since i was a little girl and have been searching forever i love you so much and are my role model i would love to talk to you someday ~ taytay
wow it is selena gomez and i love her caricter on wizards of waverly place
hi selena i'm such a big fan and you are an awesome rule model. You sing/act great. If you called me i try not to scream hahahaha. You the best. love,
your #1 fan
What's your phone number Selena Gomez
What's your phone number selena Gomez
i really want to video chat with you
Hi selena i cant bilive i am talking to you im a big even huge fan I am a girl and im 13 and my favifit song is A year with out rain and i hope you add me on gmail because you are the best in the world i love love love you heaps xxxx Please be my friend bie selena dont forget this mesinge bie xxxx
i love you selena i really want to meet you but if you can call me at 7393876 but if you call me can you call at 5:30 it would be a blessing to me you do not know in how much i really love you cause you are my romodel everything about you is awsome to and i just want to thank you
im big fan you selena my sister she is coco can you my sister birthday please december 11, 2012 ok please
Selena do u have afacebook if so can u add me
Selena I will add u and don't forget to google plus soon!!!
hi selena i am ur biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!! you inspired me to sing!!!!!!!! if you call me i will be the happiest girl in the world!!!! here is my phone number Four Eight Four Five One Zero Seven One Two Four Seven Six One and my email is bewangFour Five One Zero Seven One Six - at - i did the phone number survey but it wouldnt give ur phone number to me:( i hope you can call me or look at this:) bye!
hi selena can you call me at Nine Four Five One Zero One -Five Four Five One Zero Eight -One Four Six Nine my name is haley
Hey I would say WOW it is really you I can't beleve it!!!! ;-D
hi selena gomez i love your song and your style and you are so nice and cute
i love ur music there soo cool please ring me selena it's Four Four Seven Eight Seven For Zero Three Two Six For Zero Three Seven plz i won't scream i promise
hay my name is sarah.i love ur song and movies.all the pichers on my i pod are of u i love u and have a good day.
hi selena im faceing a problem with a boy i like
i love you selena your the best singer. i'm like your #1 fan. my dream is to be with you and to meet you. i love you.
omg omg omg i love you so much im such a fan probably your biggest fan
hey im really shy could you call i think your pretty and cute call me my number is Two Four Five One One Nine Nine Seven Seven Nine Four Four Five
Hi I'm One Five I'm so really so so so so love u so call me Selena gomez at Two Four Five One Zero Nine Four Nine Six Four Seven Three Eight if this is real Selena marie Gomez and Demi lovato call me love you so so so biggest fan ever love Selena Martinez
hi. selena gomez.. want to meet u... give to my number (Five For Zero Five ) Eight Seven For Zero -Three Two Five Five my cell phone txt
hi me.gomez you are toast awesome
i am one of her biggest fans but i just let Selena be left alone. sure i am her fan but i don't follow her. Sure she is my next door neighbor but i don't go up to her door and hug her ..... Ok that was one time but still just leave her alone ok peeps later!!!! ~ sar :)
my little sister was to shy to talk to u so she wanted me to tell u that she i your biggest fan
i want to talk to selena gomez so i can tell her i'm her biggest fan

hi selena big fan can i have your phone number plz:)
hey i just had to talk to you because you are a awsome singer and you are bautifull caring and thoughtful girl
so if you could please call me back at Three Six For Zero Four Two Three Six Four Six Four and i am ten years old
i want to talk to selena gomez right now
hi selena i really wanna talk 2 u soo bad plzzzz!!!!!
hi selena gomez my bane is simon i am biggest fan of you my phone nummer is +Four Five Four For Two Seven For Two For Two Eight Seven For Two
hi selena my name is katheriney phone number is Seven Two Seven Six For Zero For Zero Nine For Zero Nine For Zero call me selena
i want to know if i could date u
i would love to talk to her
selena please call me! Eight For Zero Six -Eight Three One -One One Five Two
oh my i'm such a big fan of you selena if i could i wish i could meet you what's your phone number i even went to your consert
give me selena gomez number so i can give it to my cousin havi because he love i meen love love selena gomez.
hi selena/ i love you!!!!!!
im your fan your wonderfull
hi selena im your biggest fun i love your songs your cool,great and awesome
i'm your biggest fan and my number is (Five Eight For Zero )-Four Three Nine -Four Five Three Six
i want to now her number and my number is Four Three One Eight Two For Zero Four she is like the prettiest girl i the worl
what i would say to selena is that she is so wonderful and i love her so so so much! :)
u r hott sow hott hott hott
im selena gomez biggest fan
if i had her number i would
tell her if she'd be my best frained
make a new song
hi selena i wished that u talk to me the phone and i promised u that i am not going screaming i am ur 1# fan ur best fan
i want to tell her that i am a huge fan and i have supported her since i was 8 years old and i'm turning 11 next month... and i'll be so happy if i get her number thank you!!:)
hi selena my name is hailey and just wanted to say i'm a big fan of yours
selena i am youer big fan ever
look guys we all love her and want to meet her but you see she is just a human being so we should like relax and say that whatever happens she will read your comments and maybe even reply but what you need to remember is that she is a girl a teen a women she has a heart and brain so lets 'slow down' put comments ! :-)
selena gomez i am youer big fan

i love u u are the best plz call me
hi name is makeda i am your biggest fan.i'm wondering if you're doing a tour in the seattle key arena 2014?if you are not that's alright. my favorite song is who says. i hope you can contact me back. your biggest fan.
i want to talk to selena gomez
i really want to talk to selena gomez
i will like to say that to selena gomez is
i know all bout you in my heart and i will
take care of you and a lot to and
i will be here for you let me have your number
i want to talk with you so much
becave i will you merry me
for real that will be good for us
and be with me
i love you
love steven butman
selena i love your music can you please call me to Six Two For Zero Three For Zero Nine Eight Three Nine Four or Six Two For Zero Six Five Five Four One Seven Four
i want selena gomezs phone number plese
your the best singer your my only fan i love you
omg i love you selena gomez you are really cool me and my brother love you a lot i had posters of u but my cousin took them down and ripped them cause he did not like you but i have only one i wish i see u in person๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
hey selena i love u selena .you are the best.i wanna be like u but i know that i cant.
i would like selena number because thats my favorite star in the whole world and i love her like a big sister thats why i want the number!!!!!!!
i love you so much and i always listen to your songs .i can't believe i'm doing this
please i wanna talk to her๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜ฟi want it soooo๐Ÿ‘ธ
im your first fan your amazing and great i wish that i could meet you that would be so cool.dont listen to any one that saysean stuff and u know there called are haters choose who you want to be not what they want u to be and im jazmine
i am a big selena gomes fan and she is amazing my favorite songs of her is come and get it and i love u alot
hey selena u are the most awesomest girl in the whole intire world mabey u can send me some tickets to your next show !!!!!!!!!u are my idol u are amazing i love u
hi selena im a huge fan I think your beautiful and pretty I love you sooooooo much your the best thing that has ever happened to me love
i would say your my big world please i really want her phone number i will not give it time any one
hi selena gomez i'm your biggest fan i am happy that you are a good girl and you're not like my cyris i am so happy that i could keep watching you and hearing your songs because my parents won't let me listen :-) cyrus's songs because my parents say that miley cyrus is a bad girl so please be good because i love you don't be like miley cyrus thank you i wish i could com to one of your concerts to see you but if i can't come i could see you on tv like all the time lol
i'm ur biggest fan
I would ask her "what's up" and " how is she" and " if I can have some ticket and that in her biggest fan she's my rule model
i would say i am your biggeest fan and i love her
selena can i plz plz plz plz have your number if i had selena gomez's phone number i would tell her how pretty she os and that im such a big fan omg i want to meet her so bad
jeg vil gjerne ha kontakt med deg selena gomez pliss
hi selena i was wondering if you could call me or video chat im your number 1 fan ps i think your really cute.
im your biggest fan i love to sing
your songs i love u plzz call me
(Three Two Three )Five Three Four -Nine Five For One Five ......#For One fan call me
i would tell her i am her biggest fan
i love you're songs

i am your biggest fan

i love wizards of waverly place and you are the best

hey selena i totally feel for you i like jb but i do not like his actions i am special needs i have dreams that he would show up at my house in a orange dodge charger i would like it to come true can you please talk to me be in touch i am 15 going on 16 in november i wanted him to come to my b-day in ft.wayne in when i have sweet 16 and i wanted to save him which means get him right with lord in indiana he is losing fans possibly me if he does not respond to me of my dreams about him i would love to go to concert but i am not that kinda money and well family financial reasons well i would love to hear from you # me my sis love all awsome god bless you all
omg selena gomez im a fan i love your acting your singing i always try singing your songs on karaoke lol which im not that good at but i always try singing a year with out rain in sapnish (un ano sin ver llover) im mexican lol i live in michigan hope you come to michigan soon...i love monte carlo..i loved all your movies...can you give me a call please or can i have your number please...just to say hello..this is my number Seven Three Four Seven Seven For Two Eight Nine For Two Seven call me back please...i always tryed doing acting but theres always people that just take your money it happen to me a couple of times i always pay but nothing ever happens..but i will get there..your an inspire me because i know your a latina and your there..yo make me keep my head high and persue my dreams thankz selena..please call me back when you can...
i love you so much:)
selena gomez
i like you so much and i want to north shore mall in peabody
you never come out i was here and i am your boyfriends now
and i want to merry you for real you and me be togetother
now and i love you selena gomez take care
call me on my you get me number
steven butman
i love you so much selena gomez. i want youy cellphone number please. and i love your song, tell me someing i don't know
i would say to her hi this is regina i am a huge fan of you and you are really pretty and very beautiful and i love the show
i love u so much am ur biggest fan to be onest i went to alest 4 of ur conserts i nevergot to see u will becuse we dont have that much money to set in the front and i never got to take a picture with u but i always wish u were my mom love u sososo much mommy by mom
i would say im one of your biggest fans in the whole world.i love the show and the movie. i wish i could meet you in person.
hey i am a fan my dad new jb bus driver he did not get my letter i love him i wanted to save him with the lords words and my prayers and well that did not work and to let you no i am special needs i get bully do not have that much friends my sister is 20 i am 15 and my sis loves you i bought your stars dance cd for her b-day and i love jb i really would like to hear his voice i really wanted to go to his concert i do not have that much money i can not go i have never say never dvd awesome i really wanted to see believe it never came to indiana and he never did either and my sis is special need her room filled with you and taylor swift and my room is filled with jb i have the blanket and psters the books the wipe off board and pics on my schools laptop i went to disney when i was 10 or 11 i always wanted to go back for new fantasy land i want to be a fashion designer have a penthouse i believe things come naturally with god and i believe dream come true i love barbie i am in 9th grade m
selena im ur sence u.were on barney and friends my brother stephen sargent.has a crush on u he want to meet u ur friend on faxebook.and and my skype is peterSeven my number is.Eight Four Three Two Eight Three Four For One Three Six that my cell
i think i'm your biggest fan.i once had dated a boy named justin cibber.but i found out that he was chetting on me.fffff him
hey baby how are you selena call me Six For Zero Three Four Nine Six -Three Eight Two Two
hey selena u can say i am ur biggest fan . i stay up tell 1 am to watch u act . every day i listen to ur songs and my ipad only has selena gomez' song . i love u soo much and btw u r my roll model!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey i'am hiba azzam frim israel i lovee youu and iwant you phone number
i luv selena and her voice. she is extremly beautiful
i am your biggest fan like number 1 fan!!! pleas call me pleas.
hey my name it's max are you selena gomez? can you call me my number is For Zero Seven For Zero Three Nine Three Nine Six Nine Two
hey selena gomez i am a big fan!!!!! of you and i just want to call you or text because i am you biggest fan i you need me email me
hey selena its me jackson can u give me ur number mine is For Zero One For Zero Six Seven Four Four Three For Zero Two
i really want to know selena gomezs number i will ask her what what is her favorite color and how is it being a singing i also love blue i live in newyork ya i love the cowboys there great i love niall horan
hi selenagomez me and my friend have a singing group i want to talk to u about it
i responding for my daughter savanna hernandez. she loves selena!!! she's admired her since she was 7 & she's 15 now.
i would say hi i love her and that i have pictures of her on my bedroom wall you are the best singer ever i look up to you every day me and my friends love you
hi selena gomez i am a big fan of yours.and just be your self not to be someone else and she might like you for been honest
i would say selena you are amazing and i love your music so much and i love wizards of wavery place alex is my favorite character
hello what selena phone number please ???? thanks
just txted selena gomez omg
I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
selena are u dating justin bruner and i love u so much u are so pretty

[ friend savannah
i love helena so much she just inspires me and when i get older she is the one im going to look up to
hey i no when u see this u whont read half ove it salena but hey i'm codie i'm just a nuther boy i'm 19 i wood say i love you but i don't no you so dar for i say i like u a lot i no wood never think ove meeting me ore come lookin for me but oww yea i'm 19 i just tarnd lol on fen 21 see i'm having a hard time i no y wood u care but pleezz i don't no what to say to u i don't have a clow ied love to say hawe butafoll you are end haw sweet your voce is but i don't whont to scare u. i just whont to met u every one duzz rite see i live it bechbarg ontario it's bye pembroke this is creepy but wood you. come save me i don't whont money fame i whont to have a chance to mabey be bye your side i'm sorrey that i'm asking like diss i just i just i'm sorrey salena i'm not a rich kid i'm not a whona be so you no i'm 6foot 5 blow eyes brawn hair. i like to say i'm a respetfool man ore boy lol what evvz see my steep dad allwes said i'm stuped i agre i'm bad at speelin i no you can
i love you you are the best and my phon number is Seven For Five For Five Six For Five Seven Seven
hey what is your phone number i wanna talk
i'm like your biggest fan in the hole world please call me in face time please my room is all selena and my phone number is Four For One Five Five Seven For One For One Eight Five Three
hurry and tell me what it is i need to know
selena you are my etile i can sing good and i love the song love will remember someday i hope i can be just like you i'm only One For Zero but it does'nt matter i just can't believe i'm talking to you
and contact me or i will so my phone number is Eight Four Five Five Four One Nine Three Six Five
hey selena how are you you are my biggest fan you are so pretty please contact me or i will contact you
love jesica
hey selena you rock and here my number Eight Six Five -Four Six Five -Seven For Two Six Five
All I will say is that I love you!!!!
i think u r a beautiful talented person i could say i love the person u are and i know i'm not rich and famous but i would like to stay friends u r so cute god bless i know ur not to big for us regular people if u weren't famous i would still be into u because u never changed may u always have health and success much love selena also ny is a mess right now hopefully ur warm stay beautiful love david if its really u text me jus say hi One Three Four Seven -Three Two For Zero -Eight Eight Three Nine hopefully u will keep in touch thanks for listening ur the best i mean it just wanted to share my thoughts with u
hey selena gomez if u called me i would ask u to become my friend and talk on phone Eight Four Three Seven Four Two Five Three For One Two Eight Four Three Two Eight Three Four For One Three Six give me ur number
selena gomez please come and perform in easton pennslyvania i really want to meet you and i your biggest and hugest fan ever i wish you can come to cheston elemarty im in 4th grade in mrs.mohski class please come
wiii i love you <33
selena gomez
i am you biggest fan
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