check it out selena gomez fans.. guess what i found selena gomez mobile phone number. if anyone is interested in having selena gomez's cell phone telephone number let me know and ill send it to you. i will. i just havent call it cuz im not allow to called any area code outside where i live. and this phone number is in california some where. can some one call it for me. ok but if you cant do that. ill send it to you, but first you gotta tell me what would you say to selena if you had her on the phone?

if you tell me i will send it to you ok, why i ask you to do this. well, i dont want to give it to just anyone, like h8r who would say bad things to her.

so. what would you say to selena if you were talking to her?

Which is your favorite wallpaper? btw, Thanks for all your comments, you can find her number in the comments below

Selena Gomez Quiz

Take this quiz of Selena Gomez. Lets see if you are a real fan or a fake fan. Only the real fans will know these answers. if you get all the answers correct, you will get Selena's Phone number. Good Luck!!
If You Get To Talk To Selena Gomez On The Phone, What Are You Going To Say To Her?
i am ur greatest fan
hi my name is hattie ellen anderson i want to go on ellen with you. do you love someone that is your boyfriend i love you i am 7 years old how old are you
hi selena im so happy to talk to you i love and all of your movies and songs you inspire me so much
omg i love you
ur my ideal u helped me make my dreams comet ureinspired me
you are a big fan and you are the best i wish i could see you in real life.
selena te amo soy justin beber
your so beautiful
i watch your show wizards of waverly place and it was awesome!!!
that she is very good look
that she is great at everything that she does
i really like you are you selena gomez
am going how i adore her and her great and i love her so much
that she is my favorite singer
i love her and wish i can talk to her everday
te amo
i want to talk to you
hi this is mia one of your fans i am 10years old
i will say that she is my favorite singer
#love# you!!!
selena i love you i have been you fan most of my life i have been to five of your concerts please give me your number
that she is so pretty i am a huge fan and i love her
omg this is really salena omg i love you i am your number one fan
hi is this ms.gomez
Whats Your Favorite Selena Gomez Song?
good for you
the heart wants what it wants
love will remember
nobody does it like you
this love
love you like a love song
same old love
heart wants what it wanta
co.e and get it
slow down and a year without rain
love you like a love song
what is love
who says
all of your songs
love you like a love song
good for u