Today I was touching my head when I noticed a bump on the back of my skull. Don't worry!!!! I have good news for you if you are concern about a bump on your head. Most of the times, these are just fatty tissues in your scalp. However, it is important that you are very well informed before you visit the doctor. Lets take a look at some concerns:

Symptoms of cancer on your head:
Symptoms are different with each person. Most people report headaches and pain when they touch their bump on their head

Bloody Nose - If you have noticed blood coming out of your nose, this may indicate that its a more serious situation

Unable to sleep - people who have symptom face the challenge of being not able to sleep. But please be sure that your sleep deprivation is not due because is not a physiological issue... Meaning you can't sleep because you are constantly thinking about the bump on your head. the simple cure is to not worry and stop thinking about it. if you are very concern about this, visit your doctor.

Currently, there is not cure for cancer. However, most people confuse a bump on their head with cancer. The only person that can diagnose a cancer is a qualified doctor. In fact, even if you go to a family doctor and you tell the doctor you have cancer, the doctor will not be able to find out for sure if you have cancer. The doctor will refer you to a specialist who will run many test. So you see, diagnosing cancer is not a simple task, its a task with special equipment to complete.

If you think you have cancer, no page on the internet will ever substitute a real live doctor. specially for something like cancer.

My advice is to relax. If you feel pain, go to a doctor and they will help you.
Tumors is such a scary word. Specially when you read so much on the news about it.How do you know if you have a tumor?

I recently was feeling my head, and noticed a lump on the right side of the top of my head. I don't know how long it has been there and it doesn't hurt, has anyone have or had this before. i am kinda worried that it might be cancer or something bad. i can't sleep at night because i am constantly thinking about it and i don't know what to do because when you go to the doctor they usually just say "oh, its nothing" what do you think i should do.

So the following week i went to see the doctor. He felt my scalp as i pointed whey my lump was, and he said it was fatty tissue inside my scalp. he told me if i wanted, he could remove it in his office. but he said, it was nothing to be concern about. these are some questions he asked me?

how long has it been since you first noticed the lump on your head?
- 6 months

Has it grown since you first noticed.
- no

Do you feel pain when i press down on it?
- no

he said not to worry about it. if i change my mind and wanted to remove it, just set up an appointment.

so you see. dont assume the worst. smile and be happy. dont' let other people make you paranoid. i know we are all afraid of the c word, but keep your faith strong and pray. when you pray, ask for peace in you heart. it helped me and it can help you too.

thank you for reading my post. leave any comments please. i read them every day. I did some research on this subject and created some very common questions about lumps on people's head and created this quiz to see if you have cancer or not. take the quiz. You will find it helpful.