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this page are examples of people who also have a bump on their heads thinking it could be a cancer or some brain tumor. we will discuss our own experiences with having a bump in out heads and try to find out what lumps means and what signs are.
I recently was feeling my head, and noticed a lump on the right side of the top of my head. I don't know how long it has been there and it doesn't hurt, has anyone have or had this before. im kinda worried that it might be cancer or something bad. i can't sleep at night because im constatnly thinking about it and i don't know what to do cuz when you go to the doctor they usually just say "oh, its nothing" what do you think i should do.

how about you? do you have a lump on your head? tell me about it. maybe i can learn from you

if you can help us all maybe we can help each other if you can provide this information:

What Country You live?
When did you noticed the bump?

i have the same thing i got the lump a year and 2 months now i believe i got it from soccer and was very dizzy and tierd after it i am 14 years of age
I also have a lump on the back of my head to the right. I am not worried because I am not getting head aches or anything. Mainly people with lumps on the back of there head (cancer) would have alot of extreamly painful head aches. I hope this eases you abit.
I googled this issue because I woke up this morning with a weird feeling in my head. About 3 hours later, I noticed I had a soreness on the right back side of my head about an inch above the hairline. It feels like a deep nodule/bump as if my skull is protruding out. But strangely when I put both of my hands symmetrically onto the back of my head, both sides feel the same shape and size. Except the right side is sore. so, it's a mere perception that there is a nodule. I have no idea what is causing this but it's really freaky. My head still feels weird. My neck is sore and my eyes burn. Read more: Neurological Disorders Forum - Lump On Back of My Head page 5 ehealthf
I have just notice a small lump on the back of my head. It's on the left side. I don't remember anything impacting my head lately. It feels hard all over and kinda uncomfortable pain when touch it or press down on it. Just touched it again and pressed down it again, felt a little bit dizzy. Should I get this looked at or ignore it?
yeah me to its like i got hit with something hard but it was just this morning i felt it and it's hard
Yea i have the same syptoms too im mean like i was feeling my head and there it was and it feels like i just got so i dont know wut to do im kinda worried so if u find any answer let me know
I just noticed a bump on the back of my head and it's loosing hair I'm so scared I don't know what to do please help and I can't sleep either
how old are you? because im worried my 12 yrs nephew i thought it was made by getting hit in the head by something but it wont go away and he said he he didnt fall or anything. so im like wtf?!
i have one on the top right and its small and moves... and one big one right in th middle of the back of my head that is hard and doesnt move.... im very scared...
I just became concerned about a lump on my head this afternoon. Ive noticed it before but after running my fingers across it, I have the impression that its getting bigger. to be honest, I'm a little worried to say the least. It doesn't hurt at all but It also isn't supposed to be there. Of course the first thing that comes to mind is the "C" word but I' hoping it isn't that... I guess my next move is to go to a hospital and and get x-rayed or so...
I experienced the same. Did some research and this should help. Melanoma cancer is the most common of all cancers. Melanoma causes most of the serious complications of skin cancer but accounts for less than 5% of all skin cancer cases. But just what is melanoma? And how is it different than other types of skin cancer? Skin anatomy Melanom is a cancer that starts in a certain type of skin cell. To understand melanoma, it helps to know some things about normal skin. The skin is the largest organ in the body whose principle responsibilitie are to: control body temperature cov the organs inside the body and protects them from injury keep in water and other fluids keep out germs What is melanoma? Melan is a cancer that begins in the melanocytes. Melanoma most often begins on the trunk or lower legs of fair-skinned people, but it can start in other places, too. The skin has 3 layers listed here from least to most deep: epidermi cells that are found in the epidermis, are the cells that can become melanoma. These skin cells make the brown pigment called melanin which makes skin tan and protects the deeper layers of the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Types of melanoma Super spreading melanoma (SSM) - This type of melanoma is the most commonly diagnosed. SSM is the leading cause of death from cancer in young adults. This melanoma can occur anywhere on the skin's surface. Nodula melanoma (NM) - Nodular melanoma is the most aggressive and serious type of melanoma. NM can appear anywhere on the body. NM differs from other types of melanoma in that is tends to grow more rapidly in thickness than in diameter, may be visible during development and can appear in a location where skin lesions did not previously exist. Lentigo maligna melanoma (LMM) - This type of melanoma occurs on sun-damaged skin of middle-aged and/or elderly people, especially on the face and is often mistaken for a benign "age spot" or "sun spot." LMM can be dangerous if it goes undetected for years. Acral lentiginous melanoma (ALM) - ALM is the most common form of melanoma for people with dark skin and is sometimes referred to as a "hidden melanoma" because these lesions occur on parts of the body not easily examined or not thought necessary to examine. ALM develops on the palms, soles, mucous membranes (such as those that line the mouth, nose, and female genitals), and underneath or near fingernails and toenails. Docto can diagnose various types of melanomas, but still don't know what causes the condition. You can, however, avoid certain risk factors that will make it less likely that you develop the condition. Continue reading here for more information about risk factors and what might be the cause of melanoma here. Read more: Melanoma ehealthf
i have the exact symthoms. If you figure out anything id like to know.
the "c" word...... WTF has your c**t got to do with a lump on your head???........ oh manuresorry.... that c word lol
me too I have on my back head on the left close to my ear a hard bump under my skin. It hurts a little bit when i press it. when i touch it, the shape doesn't feel like a bump like when you hit your head. I think its a little bit more wide than long and sticks out a bit. I don't know what it is, I felt it already 2 weeks ago and it may was a little bit smaller before. But I am not sure. What should i do? don't know if I should go to the doctor, I have no insurance at the moment >.<'
i have about 5 little lumps on my head and it hurts and makes me light headed and gives me bad headaches
I'm 16, fairly healthy i rarely get sick and when i do its goes away pretty fast. At first i noticed a circular bump on the right lower top of my head close to my hair line, i'd say about an inch and a half above my hair line. Like i said at first it was just one circle then i noticed two other circular bumps really close and today i noticed its seems like they're connecting so now its made something of a triangular bump although you can still feel the three original bumps. I'm going to the doctors tomorrow so I'll post up what i find out for all of you who are going through the same thing. good look to all of you.
I have a finger size bump on the middle back part of my head. I noticed it after a possible xtc overdose . It doesnt hurt but i know it shouldnt be there .is it cancer a tumor blood clot anyurism ?? Im scared i dont got health insurance im 18 and i need advice
- at - Francisco : To what doctors are u refering: nuerologist ir some physician??? I too have 3 lumps...but one of them is real big.
well, about 2 years ago in winter i got hit in the forehead with a pretty big iceball... a bump immediately started to grow into a really big bump, wich went away in a week or so. but 6 months ago, i started to feel a small bump in the same spot, under the skin. it seems to move with the skin - just thinking, maybe you had an injury too?
lymph nodes run up and down both sides of the back of your neck...when they pop out they are doing their job and fighting an infection. A lot of times many lymph nodes is a sign of mono especially in teens. Quit freeking and go for a blood test. Don't read internet for answers...see a doctor.
this ones been on here all day, i woke up with it not having a clue what happened. high-school nurse didnt do anything about it, she didnt even check it, just gave me ice and told me to f-off... came home and its 100% worse...my mom is a form of a nurse but she said to take pills and itl be fine... 3 hours later and i am crying non-stop...what the hell is this?!?
Hi mate, Ill explain my small lump, and see if you think its the same? Its about the size of a pee, on the right of my head just behind the temple. Its softish but if i push it feels abit tougher and doesnt go in. It doesnt hurt and never has. I have had this for many years, aslong as I remember. Im healthy and run triathlons all the time, i havnt ever told a doctor because its never phased me. Personaly my friend, I dont think you should worry if it does sound like the one I have. It concerns me a little but Im not dead and docs havnt ever noticed anything different about me. I have researched it countless times and never found an answer...so best thing dude - ask someone, ask another person and then a third. Opinions are all that we can do! Hope this helps!?
maddy, you should see a dermatologist, i had one big lump and he checked it yesterday saying it's nothing.. and asked me to see him next week to check if it will remain the same size. good luck
yes, i have the same lump as yours.. i also dont know when it started but b4, im sure it was a small one but now, i noticed that it grew and i am also worried about it,,,,did you consult in a doctor???
I am a 19 years old college girl. I facing same problems. I often getting these big hard bumps on the back of my head, and it does hurt alot that I can't even move my neck and can not sleepd. I am getting these since 2years. At the first time i had these behind my ear then constantly behing my head which is beside back of ear, then after my righ side or head, i got it on left side head aswell. Then within 1-2 months it went away. But after that I often get these big bumps on my back of head. The strange thing is i get this whenever i feel dizzy, vomiting feeling, headaches. And after i've started to get these, now everytime when I sit up from sitting down i eyes/vision gets blurry. Even when i am turning back or turning my head at left or right side my gets blurry. Its like now my regular issue. And I did not went to my doctor as she is soo silly.
I like you comment!! I'm rather young and have a lump right on the back of my neck and it deffinatley ISN'T a blemish. It grows a little and I've experienced odd symptons since it was there. I think we ought to go to the doctor.
They're most likely cysts. You can have them drained or extracted in outpatient surgery.
i am 13 and my mom has a bump on the side of her head and it looks like a cycst but i am not sure let me know
i have one too its,tge same as u it right under tge skinha
I just read your comments about the lump on your head? well thats me too but mine is on the left side towords the back of my head,the size and everything, I also had this for a very long time and it used to bother me alot and I too was worried about it too but not now.To me its knowing it there that bugs me lol but i also have the option to get it removed no big deal, as long as it doesnt get bigger than my own head im all good lol, its just good to know that im not the only one with this same problem its not life threatning just annoying.
i have one too
i have a lump just at the back of my ear i went 2 the doctor and was sent for a scan it turned out 2 be cancer i would go 2 the doctor if i was use
Hi I am 13 and have autism and anxiety disorder I have this lump back of my neck and I am really scare here is a image of what it looks like that I got of google i
I have been been getting lumps on my head for the past few months months. They come and they go. Sometmes they're soft and sometimes they're hard. I tried squeezing them thinking they might be a very large pimple. I am concerned enough now that I will go see my doctor. Keep you posted.
I also get lumps on my head that move and following the lump on head my lymph nodes inflame behind my ear. I went to the doc and he said it was a bacterial infection and gave me heavy duty anti biotics but it didn't seem to work cuz I'm sitting here with this big knot on my head and it hurts to touch my lymph nodes also are sore. But I'm going back to the docs cuz it came right back. I've been getting them for like 6 months now . It's weird and I wish there was a name for this.
Hey, i have the same thing. Im always worried about this being very serious or something. I am very afraid of all of these cancers in our world. Ive been afraid of getting a brain tumor for a long time. And i to hate going to the doctors for the exact OPPOSITE reason as you. I hate it if they tell me I have something very wrong with my body.
Anyway, i was searching on the internet and realized that there are many other things it could be. Please Reply
hi i have the lump back of my head for 2 years its like a stabbing pain very stressful i know how you feel the best i can do is to go doctors it can be scary
So I went to docs again and he tried to get a culture but there is no liquid in lumps hes still thinking it is a bacterial infection maybe from insect bites getting infected and making my lymph nodes swell. He says they are most likely NOT cysts because they move in different spots cysts usually inflame in the same spot. On antibiotics again.
its nothing serious its probably exotorosis which is a new bone growing
Yes I have a small lump on the upper right side of my head. I have had it there for a while(Couple of Years) But now my right eye is getting weak and it is starting to really mess with my vision. The problem I have is my vision could be just a sign of old age and not the bump on my head at all. It doesn't hurt and is never sore. I have a headache sometimes but I am thinking its because of the eye strain. Should I get it checked out? Or just go to the eye doctor?
Hey I have the same symptoms and im only 17 what is it please inform me asap im worried
IV had this lump on the right side of the back of my head it hurt when I touch it I don't remember bumping it. I can also feel it with out touching it in now its starting to give me headaches I
i also have weird large bumps that dont hurt on my head. they have neeb multiplying and people always tell me its nothing but i too am concerned but dont know what it is.
just found this hard lump oon the back middle right side of my head...it is very sore, but I have not bumped my head. I found it after I started vomiting for no reason. it has me worried.
I have a lump on my head. It is hard and i honestly have no idea how long its been there. I causes me no pain. Often these things are nothing. My dad's head is covered in lumps and bumps and he's perfectly healthy.
I have this bump on the right side of my head as well. It's not painful just annoying. The doctor tells me it's nothing to worry about.
same things happened with me but i am still worry about my head lumb
I suffer from migraines and they have never found a med that works for me. My headaches are alwayson my right forehead and right temple area. 2 days ago noticed a slight bump above my right ear my head aces have been bad in the last 2wks when i rub this spot my head goes numb in that area and I almost get dizzy at the same time. ???
my daughter is 25 and she has a soft growth or lump on the top of her head. it is white in color and it looks like a soft cauliflower is the best way to describe it ....should we be concerned?
This sounds like a wart. But still check it out. Best of luck.
I did some research and found out that a bump on the head could be a boney tumor or osteoma. I will be paying the doctor a visit to see what can be done.
i have a small bump on the right side of my head. i've had it since i was about 7 or 8. it doesn't hurt, it feels like its full or fluid or something but i cant vrush oer it because it will bleed. not sure what it is
My Aunty had bumps on her side of her head and she had it since she was a kid it started hurting her at age 30 she got surgery and it was brain tumor she has cancer so pay a visit at ur doctor please..
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I discovered a lump on my head last night after complaining of a bad headache,i have been of balance lately and very forgetfull and sometimes I have this coldness down my head and neck at the back,could it be serious?
yours sounds serious. I think I would find a free clinic or go to the ER all they can do is say no and they might say yes. I am in the same predicament as far as job and insurance goes.
I have 4 total mole like bumps on my head there spread far apart & dont cause me any pain but I just noticed them about 6 months ago, ill be going to the doctor to have them removed to see if they are cancer. I have over 100 moles on my body so this is nothing new to me but just want to be sure.
I just read these comments while researching the subject. I discovered a huge lump on top of my head (about the size of a fried egg) a few months back. I am unemployed and have no insurance and no money so there goes the going to the doctor thing. Anyway, this thing is growing at an accelerated rate so much that I think it's visible thru my hair now (the left side where it's located looks like Flo the Progressive spokesperson w/the big hair). The headaches are getting really bad, it's affecting my eyes & ears and sometimes it hurts down my neck. I'm also very weak and tired all the time. I feel like I was hit over the head with a big rock or a baseball hat.
i do also have a same lump on the right side of my head i am 25 preparing for post graduation it makes me feel like i am losing my concentration not only on my studies but every were. I feel my right shoulder pressing down by itself when and fell like it wants to stretch my head towards right when i stop taking pills. Is this the case with any one else. O God plz help us.

I have the same it really hurts all the time..at firstit never use to be it does feel lik its got bigger I am constantly aware of it and rubbing it. it's about the size if half a golf ball (squashed) and its on my crown right side. It really feels like something pushing outwards...and really feels like if it wasn't there life would be so much better ;) i get headaches all the time and when i talk bcos my jaw moves it also hurts the back of my crown :( Pls help...i was told originally it was just a cyst and i though oh ok at least it can just be removed no problem ..then they said they need to scan it to find out if it was bone and they they said it was and it was nothing to worry about - but the pain has carryied on so they have now sent me to have a CT Head scan this wednesday! I will let u know how it goes i hope its nothing terrible like cancer i really do but at the same time i hope they can find out what it is and sort it bcos it def feels like it needs to be sorted and removed - im starting to feel dizier quite literally as the weeks go by?? help eek i don't want to have cancer??..i've been told it could be a bone tumor and that it can still be harmless - but pls help could they remove a bonetumor would this be a huge operation?? Kind Regards,

I have a small lump about the size of a dime on top of my head near my hair line. Its not painfull at all its kinda numb to the touch. I've noticed it about 3 or 4 years ago and really havnt thought too much about it. It hasn't grown at all but I'm still kinda concerned and curious as to what it could be?????
I'm 13 and I just felt a lump on the bottom right of my head I'm scared that its cancer I'm crying and I'm scared what is it
iv had mine for two days and ready for it to go away its big it hurts all the time and i dont have money for the doctor so im going to wait it out hope it dont kill me first
I'm 14 and here recently a large knot appeared on the back right side of my head and hurts to even the slightest touch..I'm very worried any advice?
Hiya am 21 and i have a sore head to and feels all lumpy and my eyesight is starting to blur and feel sick and dizz (have actually been sick black sick), my bones are sore , and i cant member what am gonna say or read right and fall over ... i have been to see a doctor twice the 1st doc said it was swelled in the brain after feeling my head and gave me tablets they took the pain away but after being sick the pain came back ...i then went to see another doc and she was much better doc but to be honest she said she cant tell until you have a CT Scan or some kind of scan ,i am gonna get one to be positive if i were you i'd do the same
i have a bump on the right side of my head for about a week now and now im feeling one (a little) one somewhere to the back of my head.... im really scared to go visit the doctor and im also curious to find out what the hell it can be... its not painful however but i really wish that someone can give me an answer
I noticed a bump on the back of my head about 2 months ago (i'm pretty sure its been there for longer though) and the area around the bump hurts. I've been having headache's for months. I've noticed that its been getting bigger and the pain is getting worse. I think it could be a tumor (possibly cancerous). Please let me know!
ever heard of acne? look up symptoms if you want to know because it just sounds like acne...
was wondering if anyone knew what causes knots on the back of your head and on your neck sometimes painful they are quarter sized???????
Hi I am also worry I have a big lump in my head .
i too have a weird lump on the left back side of my head and i think it has been causeing these strange searing 30-40 second headaches and just last night i had a severe case of vertigo that sent me to bed early. ive had that lump for over a year now but it feels like its gettin worse. i hate doctors with a passion but i may have to go in
I have a small bump on the top left side of my head and it hurts if i touch it i dont know what it is
I have a large raised mole like lump on the front left side of my head. It hurts some times and it goes from being hard and scabby to squishy. I think its always changing because I wash, brush and dry my hair. It has been changing alot in the 2 months I have been aware but I am going to go see the doctor. I am very nervous about what it might be... I have been freaking myself out thinking that it might be a brain tumor I am seriuosly hoping that I am wrong and everything is ok.
i am 13 yrs old, i am a girl, today i was at my dads and noticed two lums on my head , 1 on the right side of my jaw, and another on the right side of my head in my hair, a couple of minutes ago i noticed anohter one next to my ear on my left, im so scared , if anyine knows wat it is PLEASE tell me !!!! :[ im freacking out my worst fair is cancer or a tumer :''[
Always get it checked. If your under 18, and don't have cancer side affects, it's probably a cyst or a bone growth. But of you have symptoms, get it checked. I did, but I have another weird one... But apparently,: A bump on your head isn't cancer.
(I'm 13)
i too have a lump on the top right side of my head. i've had it for a couple of years and i didn't really pay it any attention until recently it's been itching profusely. it almost feels like a big zit but i know it's not. i was thinking maybe that it was a tumor cause my dog has gotten a bunch before so i know what they feel like (but my lump isn't as big). then i found out my dad just went to surgery for a tumor on his head and it started to make me worry... i'll get it checked out the next time i go to the doctor. also, i'm not 100%, but i feel like it's grown ever so slightly over the last couple of years.
Please let me knw what i find out my son had something similar
Most times they are benign cysts, I've had a few removed. However, it's always a good idea to get it biopsied just to be safe.
Same problem. According to all the symptoms, most are on the right side of the head, I'm pretty sure it's from cell phone use. If I've been on my phone for a while, the lump starts to hurt and my right eye starts to get weak.
there are things called wen s it could be that
go to a doctor i have the same thing but i'm feeling pressure on it i'm going to the doctor to get an mri which is where the take x rays of your brain to check for tumors or cancer which is what you should do go to a doctor as soon as possible before it gets worst
thanks for your reply. i have no insurance but i was able to see a doctor at my local sliding clinic and he told me that it was a hematoma/blood clut as a result of a blow to my head. several years ago, i was involved in a car accident and hit the roof of the car with my head pretty hard when i was rear-ended. i didn't go to the hospital as i thought the headache i had would go away. as a result of that accident, my neck was also messed up, i now have scoliosis and even have problems breathing. the doctor says that it will go away. it has now moved to the other side of my head. i didn't have an mir, x-rays or anything. the doctor seemed to think that it was quite trivial and nothing to worry about. i think the other symptoms i have may be the result of the neck injury though.

i wish you the best of luck with your visit. hopefully, everything will be ok with you.
i went to the hospital last week to get an mri because of my headaches, my docotor said i should have one. so i did, this is what the hospital gave me and my doctor said he didnt see anytihng. so glad.
i have a bump on the top back left side of my head also my parents said that when i was somewhere between three or four years old i fell outta a wagon they pulled me my brother and sister in and hada get stitches i guess thats probably where mine is from i dont remember when i noticed it but im now 38 and still have it
i have a bump on the left side of my head, i was putting my hair in a bun and noticed it, i haven't hit my head or anything and nothings bit me that i am aware of, it feels hard and only hurts when i press it lightly, i have not contacted a doctor yet, but if your's said it's nothing don't worry if a professional said its nothing, if still serious ask about it more, and ask for any treatment or insomnia medication.
good day, well as a youth i always had bad head pain till my eyes would not open..pain last days..now at 39yrs old mother of 3 sons ..i notice the back of my head always feel painful to the touch..as my hair gets longer my hair hurts..fell weaker n back near nap area..last week as i part my hart to land the pin pointed pain area .i have a bump thats little but so painful to my brain..if i touch it my eyes get a little blury n my head hurt..now that i touched it i feel my head throb with heat as ai lay on pillow..

i must see a doctor cause head pain shoot from back of head shocks the crown of head till pain hurts my eyes...

he me...do u know whats happening to me?
iv found a lump on the left back of my head im only 17 and im really scared because i don't want to go to the doctors and hear them say there's nothing wrong can anyone help me
i'm 13 and i have a small medium bump on the front of my head it hurt when you press on it i used ear buds a lot so i'm thinking its cancer some times it thobes a little what is it
woke up this morning, with a lump bottom right side of my head. swelling has gone down as the days gone by. i didn't bang it or anything and afraid it could be brain tumour. any help??
my name is danae and im 15 im a female from indiana i just notcied a lump on the left of my head and it was small at first but now it has gotten bigger. i dont know what it is but im very scared
i am female and 14 recently found a lump on the top of my head which has now turned brown but the past 8 weeks i have felt dizziness been at doctors for that and had blood tests no idea what was wrong with me i fainted and still have no clue i live in scotland but have not showed anyone the bump on my head what should i do ?
i'm not sure whether this is the same thing but when i was little i noticed a knot like bump on the top of my head. my mom and grandmother both looked at it and actually pulled a splinter like thing out of it while i was sleeping since i wouldn't allow them to when i was awake. later on sometime i gained another knot this one was completely in line with the other. the first one is on the top right side of my head while the second is top left. they are hard like and don't move. i don't remember them ever hurting but i think the first one did.
what is this bump on my head its at back im kinda scared its beside spine
today i was scratching my head and i felt this bump and i can't leave it alone it hurts but not bad i'm scared to tell anyone because i'm scared it might be cancer:/ should i go to the doctors ? please reply:(
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