im a huge fan of selena gomez.

do you know how i can have her phone number

my bff told me there's this hotline where you can call and leave selena a voicemail for her fans and like then she calls you back.


does anyone know the real numba?

Selena Gomez Quiz

Take this quiz of Selena Gomez. Lets see if you are a real fan or a fake fan. Only the real fans will know these answers. if you get all the answers correct, you will get Selena's Phone number. Good Luck!!
If You Get To Talk To Selena Gomez On The Phone, What Are You Going To Say To Her?
hello selena i love selena gomez you so mach call my number you zero four five nine three eight five zero four
i think that you are a great singer and leader and i would love selena gomez it if you came to my school and spoke to women to empower them
i love selena gomez so much this is my dream
hi how are you i love selena gomez you
miss you selena call me
i love selena gomez you so much im your #1 fan you are incredibly awesome omg i just love selena gomez you
you are the best singer ever
omg , i been wanting to talk to you ever since i was 8 now im 14 fixing to turn 15 in september 30 & i would always wish to atleast see you & talk to you! i really love you! your my idol! i love selena gomez you alot.
i love selena gomez her so much and i will cry
just to see if her number is real ..and to tell her that my boyfriend who is 23 love selena gomezs her and that shes awsome and just talk to her like a normal person
that i love selena gomez her & that i support her in everything she does that she is a role model to me
i love selena gomez you
hello i am one of your biggest fans and i really really love selena gomez you!
if she would come to where i live for a concert
that i. am her bigist fan. and a love selena gomez her
i love selena gomez you so much i love selena gomez to sing and dance just like you
oh my gosh im talking to u i love selena gomez u
how great of a person she is
i love selena gomez u your my biggest fan
i would ask her to give me some advice of how she made to the industry at such young age...
you are the best
your the worst
Whats Your Favorite Selena Gomez Song?
good for you
i love all her songs but i gotta say my favorite is same old love
old love selena gomez
for you
who says
the heart wants what it wants
love will remember
come and get it
a year without rain
ho says
same old love selena gomez
slow down
how says
good for you and if you are ready cone and get it
shake it up
who said
stars dance
who says and slow down