Many American single men look for asian Filipina women because women from the phillipines are loyal and very respectful. Thats why i am looing for a filipina woman who is willing to start a serious relationship with an american man in the united states..

Hello, my name is Steve, I live in California, U.S.A and I am looking for a nice Filipina woman for my wife. I have heard Filipina women are loyal to their husband. I want a Filipino girl to love me so i can love her back. The only thing I demand is for us to understand and love each other are two things: TRUST AND RESPECT.. why? TRUST + RESPECT = LOVE

Also, if you have these qualities it will help our relationship last a life time:

1. Age between 18 and 50
2. Kind
3. Filipina
4. Family Oriented
5. Willing to leave her home to come live with me in the U.S.
6. Does NOT do drugs, drink or smoke
7. Loves Kids
8. No Criminal background
9. Is compassionate - Loves animals
10. Caring - Cares for others and is willing to help her community
11. Educated (University or College Preferred)
12. Ambition to Grow - Wiling to make herself a better woman. example: Has a career where she can make a difference in her family.
13. Does not care about the age of her husband. I am in my 40s, but I never had children and want a wife that can have children with me.
14. Patience and Tolerance - I need a woman that can be patience in life and have tolerance. Doesn't lose her temper very easy
15. Keeps herself in shape, likes to exercise
16. Good manners and Etiquette - This is important to me because I like to entertain friends and family at home and in business environments
17. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY - LOYAL - I want a woman who is loyal and respects her husband. Does not believe in divorce.

If you are interested, let me know by replying to me post here. - I'll be waiting for you.

Are You Right For Me?

Please answer the following questions to see if you are the right woman for me and I am the right man for you.
What Is The Most Important Characteristic In A Man For You?
love me for who i am do have reapect to fili[ina women, a man whos loving caring and have a good heart
responsible,true one=lifetime
loving, caring, respecful, understanding and acept me for who i am...and trust the lord god most of all.thank u.
caring, honest and love me for who i am
caring loyal honest and loving
persistence,caring,makes him a woman smiles,honest,trustworthy
sweet, loyal, loving, kind, caring
loving,caring,understandi accepts everything about me.
loyal loving and understanding
responsible, honest and willing to accept my son most important have faith in god
responsible, takes commitment seriously, honest, loyal and above all god fearing
loving ,loyal,understanding,hone is the most important
honesty,respect,care and love
honest and caring
god fearing man with sense of humor, strong yet sensitive to others feelings as well.
faithfull honest understanding loving and care
respectful and he can accept you all of you :)
a man who is faithfull,understanding,l and caring,truthfull and most respect.
honest and god fearing person
most important man to me is honest
No One Is Perfect In This World, What Is Your Biggest Flaw?
if my heart will break again
nothing but ihave a goodheart
my height
wen my ex husband left us
my imperfections
not beautiful
my weakness my family
i dont want a perfect life,i want a happy life
just be who you are and love me forever
sorry can u explain it what do u mean flaw sir?
get angry to my father
i scared of snake
dis honesty,keeping a secret to me.
when i fall inlove too much to the wrong guy...
i agree. being a liar
to love to a wrong man
physical pain
learn from your mistake
loving a wrong person😭
respect people who respect you
i do not like arogant
loving the wrong person
What Is Your Proudest Achievement In Life?
hard working
finished studying 4 yrs course
when i graduated
when i start working abroad as a servant but my employer promoted me as private chef,where my passion in cooking leads me into new challenging life..feel blessed!!
to learn whats the meaning of life
proudest achievement in life is living my life with good choices and making the most out of it.
when i help my brother to finished his study
for now i m in undergraduates and next will be my graduation
when i was working in kuwait, i make house and i let my nephew to study in college.
able to graduate my college. self support way. and a survivor from my recent divorce with my ex, got two girls, no family siblings in this new place anchorage alaska
my 3 children are professionals
graduated college, helping out at home and being promoted in just a year at work, :)
when i rise my children on my own
fulfill all my responsibility to my kids because they are all stable now.
being a bachelor graduate
i dont know. others would tell me that they wanted to be like me and they saw strenght and inspiration in me. this is a difficult question. i have achieved things but i belived i have not achieve it without all those people who helped me along the way.
my children. my 2 boys are the greatest achievement i ever had.
my daughter
working for my family
to be a hardworking
i am so proud that i was able to set up a school on my own. it was hard work but to be at this age and having not enough resources, i managed to open up a school that considers quality as its gauge of success.
to love my family and my kids
to become a mother
perfect wife
How Many Children Would You Like To Have With Your Husband?
it depends on my husband
honestly only 2. 1 boy and a girl. but got two girls already
1 or 2
2 children
i have 3 kids,, not married at all
i had 3 frm my previous marriage maybe another two is good
what god will give
atleast two
3 boy @ girl
only one because i have one
2 is enough
one or two is enough
2 or 3
i told u im a menoposal old woman
2 only
at my age now, i think one or two is enough.
2 only.
Who Is The Most Important Person In Your Life Right Now?
my famil
my children and my parents..
my son coz im not just a mother for him but also his father
the important for me my 1child and also my mother
my only son who is almost three.
my kids of course and my family
my family now,but if i found my right partner i will prioritize first.
god and my family ofcourse 😊
my family
my parents
my daughter and my family
my kids
my son and my parents
my mother
Describe How Will You Make Your Husband Happy.
i am willing to serve him and to take care of him from the morning he wakes up until the night time before he sleeps
take care of him and give little things on occassions. prepare his meals before going to work and when he goes home.
being a submissive wife (biblicaly speaking) allow him to be developed,
giving him the unconditional love & i stand for him til the rest of my life
till death do us part
ill prepare food for him. ill care for him i respect him ilove him im honest with him
i give him love,care.
i will do my best to make him happy i will love him for the rest of my life
give him a kiss before he sleep and kiss when he awake..
being faithful and caring
to be a good wife for him, i will do everything to make him happy
im willing to leave my country just for my husband,i will do anything just to make him happy..
i will always remind him how lucky i am to have him that i him so much and i will never get tired of loving him, i will take good care of him and do everything that i can do just to see him that his happy
of course love him,caring but if you love you must do everything to make him happy ok.
always think positive and of course loyal and honest to him
i give the best love to my husband
by loving him for who and what he is
to love him to the fullest be loyal to him and respect him
i will take care for him,i will don100% my duties as a wife
i will take care of him.i will give him my love..
respect him,submit to him,take care of him and love him with all my heart
by taking care of him,cook food for him,everything ,just to make him happy,the most important is put no one above him
i see her all day to cuddle me
to take good care of him and to cook a delicious food for him