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You can find single american man who wants to marry a filipina woman. Guys looking for filipina girls are found on this page looking to start a serious relationship for marriage and start a family with an asian female from the phillipines to the USA
Many American single men look for asian Filipina women because women from the phillipines are loyal and very respectful. Thats why i am looing for a filipina woman who is willing to start a serious relationship with an american man in the united states..

Hello, my name is Steve, I live in California, U.S.A and I am looking for a nice Filipina woman for my wife. I have heard Filipina women are loyal to their husband. I want a Filipino girl to love me so i can love her back. The only thing I demand is for us to understand and love each other are two things: TRUST AND RESPECT.. why? TRUST + RESPECT = LOVE

Also, if you have these qualities it will help our relationship last a life time:

1. Age between 18 and 50
2. Kind
3. Filipina
4. Family Oriented
5. Willing to leave her home to come live with me in the U.S.
6. Does NOT do drugs, drink or smoke
7. Loves Kids
8. No Criminal background
9. Is compassionate - Loves animals
10. Caring - Cares for others and is willing to help her community
11. Educated (University or College Preferred)
12. Ambition to Grow - Wiling to make herself a better woman. example: Has a career where she can make a difference in her family.
13. Does not care about the age of her husband. I am in my 40s, but I never had children and want a wife that can have children with me.
14. Patience and Tolerance - I need a woman that can be patience in life and have tolerance. Doesn't lose her temper very easy
15. Keeps herself in shape, likes to exercise
16. Good manners and Etiquette - This is important to me because I like to entertain friends and family at home and in business environments
17. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY - LOYAL - I want a woman who is loyal and respects her husband. Does not believe in divorce.

If you are interested, let me know by replying to me post here. - I'll be waiting for you.
Hello, my name is Carl. I live in Ohio. Its in the middle of USA. there are no Asian women around here anywhere. i am divorced. i am tired of all the women here, always interested in money. i am looking for a down to earth Asian woman so i can live the rest of my life with. if you are interested in me, please tell me. it would help alot if you include a picture. thanks
hi , im mary.. live in pampanga .. 41 yrs of age w/ one son.. hope you will accept me as your friend ...thank you
hi sir...hope u found a right girl that can be w/you for ever i will pray for you,,,goodluck..god bless and guide u..always,,,
4013474519142.... d a h i l s a y - at - gigi right here/ contact me please
yes thats true, we have so many scam nowadays even a man or a women,i have so many experienced for the man in the uk, they couted me, then after they want me to send me the money for them and that s scam, you know carl, its very hard to find a man /women a real and genuine now adays, just be the way just call me rose..
hi carl, how are you/what a nice name,short for my name..:)
i am a filipina looking for a honest and trustworthy partner.
i am now presently working in dubai since i am the breadwinner for my family so i stay far from them to work and help them. i am 28 years old and a single lady,honest and a god fearing one.
hoping to receive a reply from you.
hi dont say that not all woman is looking for money, love and money will be together part of the relationship. i understand about what you meantion i know there some people looking for one thing without care and love for us.
hi carl, im vivian moralda, filipina simple beauty, i am also looking serious relationship..!someone accpt me for what i am... just ad me yahoo messger, moraldavivian - at - yahoo!.. my facebook acount vivian federis priolo.... tnxs and god bless!
im mary, 35 years old from philippines. i would like to know more about you.
hi im ana past
hi carl how are you,how many kids do you have,what is your job.
hi carl :)just read your post..i'm a single woman..a working student who is looking 4 a man where i can give my love ..and care...i also have a aunt living their in ohio:)
hi im arlyn,hope we can understand both of us
simple single loving mom.For Zero Nine Eight One Seven Three Seven Five Four Five
uhm,hi mr.carl... there's someone looking around here for a lifetime partner..she is so trustworthy... she's a filipina women who is so loving & caring...she don't care about's the love that she needs....i hope you read this..thank you..
hello carl, first of all i would like to greet you happy day.. well' i am pilipina,from philippines ofcourse hehe.. am 24 years old last january 2014 my mother is muslim, and my father is chinese from hongkong....i am also looking for good foriegner, i mean deserving to love and care with me..specially to come with me here in philippines, to prove that he can do anything as long as he can... anyway, you can see me on skype, my skype account is yhan_yap..
i know that not all the women i rather say that mostly nowadays is scammer..
hi im also find someone hu love me somuch....just search me on my fb.nhalie rayvie n iwill reply u.tnx
he looks good inside and out ^_^
i am filipina i am also divorced..i am also interested to be your friend .. so if you have facebook account. plese give me your email or your full name to add you up ! :) thanks
hello! i'm vilma chato 36 yrs.old. and i'm looking for husband. if you are interested me you can find me in facebook and you can contact me in my phone 09451107042365 thank you. have a nice day. :)
hi carl,h0pe t0 kn0w m0re ab0ut y0u and h0pe can have c0mmunincati0n and have a g00d c0mmunicating,take care,here is my skype etangmae48,godbless
hi carl. my name is hazylle (hazel) lol.. .i'm 17 i want yo get to know u better. talk to me on face book? my name is ham cadungog . . tnanks :d
helow carl....hope u doin gud...

any cn u be my frend....

look so gentlemen nd i love dat:)
hello carl :) ill marry you .and take care of you all the rest of our life .ill be loyal to you and ill be a great wife :)..
if carl doesnt want you i do
i'm maria looking for life time partner loving and caring serious hard working
hi carl im interested im single never married lookng for nice guy whos willing to marry me
hello! carl i have red what your looking for, if you don't mind but i just want to know you more deeply,. i think you are such a goodman when i see your picture. is it ok carl if we can start as a friend for you to know me better. but i tell something about myself, im ms. marieta c. elaran, 35 yrs. of age still single i live in my mother, but my father's he passed away. im graduated with a degree course of bachelor of secondary education. im a very simple woman that's why my friends called me shygirl. i hope you accept my message. nice to meet you! god bless and always take care of yourself.
i'm victoria, i'm a christian, a believer of god. i'm a widow,. i'm looking for a partner in life with thoughts on spiritual aspects.
hi carl my names is jeneffer and i am quite interesting bout to know you even you are divorced doesn't matter for me as long as you kind and respectable man.
hi steve, my name is marivic. i'm a widow many years ago. my former korean spouse was passed away. i'm a christian, i sincerely believe in existence of god. i love reading the holy book to enlighten me with spiritual strength and spiritual encouragement. i'm looking for a partner in life that always focus his mind and heart on his god. regards to your family.
from vicky
im not asian but i am interested in finding a filipino husband, i admire asian men because they are smart and like to work very hard, most of all, they are very respectful
hi im interested to know you.
i am beth. i can be your wife. i am filipina. just add me on facebook.
hi, i am looking for a foreigner husband that is handsome, only 30-40 y/o. the one who is kind, loyal, no vices, down to earth. and most especially, the one who will care and love me.
i dont like assholes!!! :)
im jelyn,frrom phil there in manila.24 yrs old,under grad in secondary education.hve 2 kids girl and boy,separated with my live in partner,i read ur profile thts why i wrote a comment for u to know u more,im looking for a man tht willing to accept wat is my situation
hi! im rachel.. looking a foreign men. who can love me ,forever.. im 19 years old from davao city.. tnx! fb /sweetspy sinned notcoid.
hi im glads 28 years old no kids yet and still single..since i am already 28 i am interested to a marriage life..i am looking for a serious relationship that can bribg me to marriage working here in lebanon now as a dh..if interested in me u can ca ll me at For Zero For Zero Nine Six One Seven Nine Four Five For Zero Nine Nine Two .god bless
im not perfect person....but i will do my best to become a good partner
hi i am rocel 23 yrs old just a simple girl.. with simple dreams.. looking for a loving man who will accept me. and i am single..
hi my name is kristine and i'm looking for a friend or boyfriend or a husband someday. i am 22 yrs old single ni kids and finish in college ..and i'd like to know you if your interested in me. being a friends for now and we can talk online messenger ..thanks and you can email me back. thanks..
hi hello how are you
hi carl!
im geraldine from the philippines,you can call me gee or ghe,im an english teacher & a cook,im 37 seriously in search for a lasting relationship.hope we can get to know more each other.
01-r49749-image.jpg|49749 35 single...still waiting for the guy that is really meant for me....
now i live in osaka japan
i have read your post and i am interested on it.
hi! i read all your post..and i want to get to know you well.i also want a american man having characteristics like what you have...just add me at fb by searching my name or email..
hi im ronica miranda filipina from philipphines age of 25 kindly leave me your email thanku
for me i don't care if you are devores in important to me if you love me and giving me a children we live together for ever. i'm maria 34years old now working in dubai looking also man . i'm single not married i hope you reply to me i'm interesting to you. i have my face book you can chat me always mayet - at -
hi steve,i read ur note and im willing to know a filipina 35 yrs.old..
hi, i'm merlyn pamat 26 years of age and also looking for an american partner in life.,and hopefully by typing this message my impossible dream could be possible..godbless[r3t0rn
hello how are you i'm 28 yrs old from philippines
i am danica i live in philiphines single i need loyal husband and honest im 19 years old actualy im turning 20
hi steve,
hope you're well upon receiving my reply on your post in this site.
since i already mention my name, i want to introduce myself as a career woman presently working in united arab emirates as admin secretary in an advertising & marketing agency (design corner) owned by an fmcg company (al safeer group). though i'm not a university graduate because of some financial issue happened in my family while im still in collage, it was never been an issue to get a good career/ job specially here in gulf country. if given a chance i still want to pursue my education/ studies in management (my course), i really dreamed of achieving more in life for my family & for my daughter. yes, i have a daughter aged 9y/o at the present but i'm not married. her father died almost 3 years ago because of stroke, he is a diabetic patient at the age of 29 and he passed away at the age of 32 before our marriage and i am a single mom since then. i am the eldest in the family, i have 1 sister & 1 brother.
hi..steve nice to meet you..hope to know you more..have a nice day ahead...
im 26,looking for a husband
85255138 e-email is temporary close...u can call me on my phone...or message really interested to marry an american..
hi i'm here for you :)
hi carl...seems love been a tragedy on us...put us in a situation of a brokenhearted..makes life a total mess but in d end makes us stronger..n for that i'm not closing my doors that who knows the right one will come in a right time...hope u feel d same too...
looking for filipina woman that is ready to marry and build happy loving family.
hi im looking for a man that he can marry me.
hi.. i am looking for a man will be serious in relationship..
im willing and pls call me to this no.0 9 2 9 6 0 9 7 4 2 5
hi. how are you? i am also searching for the same thing as you. i just want someone who can love me, respect me and honest to me and i will be more loving, respectful and honest to him in return...... love will lead true hearts to true love:)
take care and stay safe always
hi ...hello im caring & loving girl
good day.... i simply say gods way & will prevails...
looking for good, 25 years old..
i need ah loyal husband because im ah loyal wife i hve to kids but i hve no husband so i need ah loyal good husband for me ....
good evening carl. god bless and take care.sorry coz am not that fluent in english.
hi ...hello how are you ......l like you ... lm a single mother... im good , caring , loving , understanding & industriuos
hi my name is elisa but you can call me lisa. i'm from mangatarem, pangasinan philippines. 46 years old single and looking for the perfect one. i'am the kind of person who loves to cook and care for the person who cares for me as well lol :) i'am a tan filipina looking for 40 and above man who can respect me for who i'am and what i'am. just email me comilang.deanmark - at - yahoo.c cellphpone number +634519215861545. tnx :d
hi steve.. i read all your messege.. and hope that you can give a chance or time to know its other.. thanks.. keep safe always and god bless you.
thumbs up....hope you can find the ryt girl i believe what uve said if all the girls/boys have a respect and loyal to their partner im sure it will long and lasting love what they have.....gdluck for finding...
hi sir i;m elma i;m single.18 but i have a sister shes 27 an old she hav two seeblings single mother' i hope you like her my sister she soo nce and goodshe lov's a man like you i'll wait your answer sir
h if you want a filipina girl i wish you like me i need a man love me so and care me
this is so trendy in every net..but you see looking and finding love is a bit too hard...and tes its true trust and respect are valuable...😊
i want to marry a foreigner man .i am student and i want to a husband to love me and care for me and support my study and my family.
hello my name is rose 31,single .i'm looking for my long lasting relationship which a nice, gentleman, honest, understanding.we can shared manythibg together in life.
it would be nice to meet you if you disired and i sent yoy a big hug....:d
hi, american men's, i'm 48 years old separated, no siblings, degree holder, honest, and loyal . i'm looking for someone whom i can be with, a lifetime partner, a loyal, lovable man, caring just like me and honest. i don't like cats and dogs at home....
i am a gay and i like need american boyfriend
my pleasure to know you more..thanks...
hi! my name is rosemarie from legazpi philippines. i like to know you more. you could email me and we could skype here is my skype id marie060182 see you there
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