Many American single men look for asian Filipina women because women from the phillipines are loyal and very respectful. Thats why i am looing for a filipina woman who is willing to start a serious relationship with an american man in the united states..

Hello, my name is Steve, I live in California, U.S.A and I am looking for a nice Filipina woman for my wife. I have heard Filipina women are loyal to their husband. I want a Filipino girl to love me so i can love her back. The only thing I demand is for us to understand and love each other are two things: TRUST AND RESPECT.. why? TRUST + RESPECT = LOVE

Also, if you have these qualities it will help our relationship last a life time:

1. Age between 18 and 50
2. Kind
3. Filipina
4. Family Oriented
5. Willing to leave her home to come live with me in the U.S.
6. Does NOT do drugs, drink or smoke
7. Loves Kids
8. No Criminal background
9. Is compassionate - Loves animals
10. Caring - Cares for others and is willing to help her community
11. Educated (University or College Preferred)
12. Ambition to Grow - Wiling to make herself a better woman. example: Has a career where she can make a difference in her family.
13. Does not care about the age of her husband. I am in my 40s, but I never had children and want a wife that can have children with me.
14. Patience and Tolerance - I need a woman that can be patience in life and have tolerance. Doesn't lose her temper very easy
15. Keeps herself in shape, likes to exercise
16. Good manners and Etiquette - This is important to me because I like to entertain friends and family at home and in business environments
17. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY - LOYAL - I want a woman who is loyal and respects her husband. Does not believe in divorce.

If you are interested, let me know by replying to me post here. - I'll be waiting for you.

Are You Right For Me?

Please answer the following questions to see if you are the right woman for me and I am the right man for you.
What Is The Most Important Characteristic In A Man For You?
thoughtful, honest,loyal,responsible
kind and understanding
honest and responsible
respectfull,caring,loving always the center of his life,good sensΓ© of humour.
sweet ,caring, loyal and honest
honest, sincere, mature,
loving and caring
loyal, passionate, responsible and someone who loves me without an expiration date :)
understanding and respectful
nice, loving and caring
being loyal and honest
a man who accept me even if am not good in english , not graduate in college. a man who can be proud of me , have respect in me. and man does not hurting women or others .
caring, god-fearing,honest and understanding
loyal, honest and respect.
loyal , he respect and trust me.
loving,honest,responsible respectful
maybe his loving,good person respectful to everyo
loving, with a good heart most specially family oriented
respectful, loving,loyal,care,patient
No One Is Perfect In This World, What Is Your Biggest Flaw?
i dont know the meaning of flaw
i dont think i have that biggest mistakes
when my friends leave and when my man felt me that im not worth for him and when he left me
not continuing my studies in college
my extraordinary patience and for giving heart that gives others a chances to abuse me.
being emotional
for me is being who i am.
i am not a morning person, it is hard for me to wake up early
being a good mother..good daughters..very responsible for everything...
little confidence in my self.
having low self esteem,physically due to having kids having marks,dark spots and gaining weight. always being afraid of rejection.
to make relation at my young and never listen my family advice
easily get hurt
we all get mistake.. we all sinners and as long as we believe in our god we all get clean our sins..
i am good person and loving woman
failure for having a good family
when i fall in love
yes its true
proticting my image
deciding without thinking it 7 times
What Is Your Proudest Achievement In Life?
achiever in school
for me my biggest achievement in life is for being honest, loyal and also i belong in christian family
to become a sucsespul to my career
maybe my parents
to finish my dream
help my parents
maybe i already achieve something but i still wanna be a teacher
when i delivered my son.coz i am very proud of him
when i help my brother to finished his study
my kids
i was able to help my siblings..through their studies
my goal was to not only get it done, but to complete a polished final product that i was proud of. i wanted it to be simple, beautiful and immensely helpful (and actionable).
finish my studies
being a supportive mother to my kids
being a mother
my proudest achievement is become good woman,awoman who love god above all.a woman that you can tell everybody that i have good heart.achievement is not all about a reward that two eye can see.achievement for me is who you are as a person.
i graduated as a scholar in my college through scholarships to poor but deserving students with 4 years of free tuition and monthly allowance in an exchange of school offices jobs.
i have dream ,i want my family have a better life so i work so hard because of them ., and someday i want my life better for my future family :).being a indepenndent.
i graduated in college
my job
having a good family.
successfully published my research paper.
to have a bachelor degree and still continue expand my knowledge through teaching
helping my family&am best mom in my 1 son
if i achive my goal..that i have a happy family..
Do You Believe In Jesus Christ?
i already answer this.
to work hard
How Many Children Would You Like To Have With Your Husband?
i am single no kids
2 or 3
just 1
2 is enough
1 boy 2 girls
what god gave us but i wish i would be love 2 children
god well
2 is enough for me but if god give more gift i will be happy
i want 2
2 or 4
honestly only 2. 1 boy and a girl. but got two girls already
im 49, only god knows
it depends to him
i told u im a menoposal old woman
2 bec. i have already 2 now and upcoming baby pregnant now
Who Is The Most Important Person In Your Life Right Now?
my son and my family
my mom and little brother
my family
my kids
my children
my self
my parents all family
god& my kids
my parents and family .
my self,becuase now.only me, my mother nd fathers died,last 4 years
my mom and my kids
if gods will give me the right man for me..perhaps i would be very happy and this is important to me
my children and my parent
my family in my son
my children
my parents/family
my kids and hopefully to find someone in my life
my siblings
Describe How Will You Make Your Husband Happy.
avoiding conflicts as much as possible doing things that we both love to do
i will care him,and cooked food
cared him, trust him love him
for me i can make him happy by simply serving him as a good wife. also being a loyal, and caring wife to him
cook for him, show love and respect, provide everything he wants as long as i can, will support him to all his choices and decision,
doing something everytime in make happy as long as did,im sweet everytime kiss him,hug,and i love u evryday till death do us part...
loving him always
i will give everything as i can for him as wife and i will love him till the rest of my life
by taking care of him,cook food for him,everything ,just to make him happy,the most important is put no one above him
to be honest to him and loving caring him
to honest with him
give and take
everything husband need have to given right to make him happy
love and care him the best i can. devote myself and prioritize him in everything
being faithful.
loving, caring him, and be a good wife
i will respect him i will take care of him i will love him all my life i will make u food
love himand respect him
love him always
undestand and support him
i will love him unconditionally and always cook delicious food for him. i love cooking.
give him love honestty and careing
giving all what he want and doing the role of a wife
take care of him and loving him
give him a kiss before he sleep and kiss when he awake..