well to all of you whom had the same symptoms as myself. recently in the past year since the summer of 09 i would get horrible headaches, my doctor had put me on imitrex..a low dose then a high dosage.. my headaches STILL never went away. and just recently i had found a lump ( in May) on my head like everyone described..i had increased headaches, which felt like i was having Brain freeze headaches. whenever i touched the lump on my head it would hurt. and ever i had found the lump i noticed i was having a ton of pressure, in my head it felt so pressurized as if someone was squeezing my head together. i basically forced my doctor for a CAT scan, first they found nothing it was uncontrasted..( no die in it or w.e.) and i was still having a lot of pain, and they even felt my lump..at the hospital. a couple days later, after my doctor was telling me i was fine and basically i was crazy..i winded up in the ER with a horrible "Brain freeze" type headache which came out of no where, and i had so much pressure feeling in my head it felt like it was going to exploade. they finally did a MRI there, and it came back to be a definate brain tumor. later i was diagnosed with stage 2 Glioblastoma Multiforme. my dads friends a lawyer and is actually trying to make a case since my doctor treated me like i was crazy! be strong..and understand your instincts. please anyone if your worried trust your own body..