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i have small painless bump on the back of head? well to all of you whom had the same symptoms as myself. recently in the past year since the summer of 09 i would get horrible headaches

well to all of you whom had the same symptoms as myself. recently in the past year since the summer of 09 i would get horrible headaches, my doctor had put me on imitrex..a low dose then a high dosage.. my headaches STILL never went away. and just recently i had found a lump ( in May) on my head like everyone described..i had increased headaches, which felt like i was having Brain freeze headaches. whenever i touched the lump on my head it would hurt. and ever i had found the lump i noticed i was having a ton of pressure, in my head it felt so pressurized as if someone was squeezing my head together. i basically forced my doctor for a CAT scan, first they found nothing it was uncontrasted..( no die in it or w.e.) and i was still having a lot of pain, and they even felt my lump..at the hospital. a couple days later, after my doctor was telling me i was fine and basically i was crazy..i winded up in the ER with a horrible "Brain freeze" type headache which came out of no where, and i had so much pressure feeling in my head it felt like it was going to exploade. they finally did a MRI there, and it came back to be a definate brain tumor. later i was diagnosed with stage 2 Glioblastoma Multiforme. my dads friends a lawyer and is actually trying to make a case since my doctor treated me like i was crazy! be strong..and understand your instincts. please anyone if your worried trust your own body..
I had a nodule, or bump, on the back of my scalp two years ago. I went to the doctor and he sent me to a surgeon. When they removed it, they found part of it was precancerous so I had to go back in and get all of it removed. The symptoms I had was headaches and dizziness. I am getting those again and I fear that the nodule is coming back. I am going to the doctor tomorrow.
I have a bump on the back of my head . i have had it for 8 months . it never bothered me so i never went to doctor . 2 weeks ago i started to get major headaches and getting dizzy . needless to say tommorrow i go to the doctors to get it checked. and now i am freaking out that i am going to die . cause i didnt take care of it . i am hoping it is nothing bad . but now i am doubting that and thinking its bad .
i have the same thing im 11 and i just found a lump on the left of my head it dosent hurt but it scares the s**t out of me its around 3cms in diamiter and it is about 1.5 cm tall it feels soft, solid,andits slightly movible.
please help
now im geting slightly dizzy and very very tired
ok now my heads sore neck is stiff and it hurts when i poke it
I have a large bump on the left side of my head, it hurts to the touch and i can't even lay my head on a pillow on the left side (thats how bad it hurts) sometimes i get really bad headaches and i just want to crawl into bed and sleep! and what creeps me out the most is i never hit my head the bump just appeared... i would go to the doctor but i cant afford it :(
can someone help?
i have a lump on my forehead
im only 11 i get the mick taken out of me alllllll the time.
and its horrible i want to leave school i dont want to go to school my brothers sisters all take the mick out of me its not fair i wish it could stop i heard it can last for ages unless u get it taken out.
i dont want it anymore i just want it to go away,
can someone help me please?
If you have issues go to the doctor to discuss them.Don't let doctors continue to say it's nothing if you don't agree and explain why you think there is more to it. Then if you don't get a satisfactory answer tell them you are going to get a second opinion because you don't agree.You know yourself better than anyone else.
i have a small lump on my forehead near my left temple that is sore to touch what could this be.
wow, i swear it was only me.
I'm not sure what it is either but friday morning i had mines surgically removed i just could deal with the fact that it might be cancer n i doing nothing about it so i wanted it removed as soon as possible, and now i could stop worrying about how healthy i am for a while that's until my results comes in after 3 weeks but i'll pray that it's nothing serious and i would advise you to remove your too even though you might be scared to hear what the out come of it is, at least you would be treating it by then instead of having to deal with the it later talk to you in 3 weeks time
Oh, im sorry. i dont know what it is either, you see, i have recently found three. One morning i woke up with only one lump on my head, not exactly on the skull but sorta next to my ear. i thought nothing of it, then a few days later i woke up with two more, one that is on the skull. it worries me because i was dignoised with migraines when i was only 4, and recently they have been significantly worse. Im constantly in and out of the hospital and the doctors office. I am seriously frustrated because no one knows whats wrong. i recently got an MRI . i would advise you to get one to, to see if you have a brain tumer. it may be a scary thought, but it will be nothing compared to what could happen if you do have one, and not knowing, and it getting worse. i am sorry, and hope you get better.
dont worry, i dont think that its brain cancer, because i looked up the signs of brain cancer and they're more serious than a lump on your head. and once i thought that i had a lump on my head, and i got really worried, so i went and felt the same spot on my mom and my brothers head and there was lump on their heads too. So i dont think that its anything to worry about
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