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read this post if you want to report a person for cheating the IRS and committing fraud with their income taxes. What you can do to contact the IRS to report fraud or you believe are a victim of identity theft. Stealing your identity is a serious crime.
thanks for your post. i was looking for the IRS fraud contact phone number or their fraud hotline. i want to report someone who is cheating on their IRS income tax. they are getting alot of money in their return and i am only getting 50 dollars, its not fair, i think they are comiting fraud if you ask me. so does anyone know what the number is?
there is no number you can call, instead, they want you to write to them:

- Name and address of the person you are reporting

- The taxpayer identification number (social security number for an individual or employer identification number for a business)

- A brief description of the alleged violation, including how you became aware of or obtained the information

- The years involved

- The estimated dollar amount of any unreported income

- Your name, address and daytime telephone number

send the letter to:
Internal Revenue Service
Fresno, CA 93888
There is a number. It is 1-800-829-0433
I have somebody to report not paying taxes
michelle ania creeger gaver has a on line biss for years webtemplitzone. pays child support in wv at Three Four Five One Zero Four Eight Two Four Five Eight One One .she dont pay any tax at all and worked under the table for years.she makes a lot of money with her on line job. her cell number is Three Four Five One Zero Four -Six Three Eight -Seven Eight One Three
you are such a hater and if you were able to be smart like her you wouldn't be chatting in this blog. try putting useful inforation. i an not rich and i certainly don't care what the other man or woman is doing. but you have nothig to do so here you are being a stinking rat.
did you know that the IRS is the biggest thief of all people and organizations? you should spend some time searching for that info before spending time here. you are a filth and a no good human!you probably can even get laid by a prosti. they are so delicious
i bet you wish you could esperience that, huh or are you going to tell too. they are not paying takes while i am getting pleased! welfare punk!
all this talk about ratting is an un-educated and ignorant statement ! i myself have never ratted for moral reasons. however, my sons mother has willingly given me my son (on average) 23 days a month to her 7 days a month. equaling roughly 240 days a year to her 125 days for the past 3 yrs.. from the outside, this would apear to be a very nobel thing she does in giving me so much time with my if she is doing me a favor in giving me him.yet every year when i ask or have told her i was going to claim him on my taxes she out right says 'no, i am the only one who is supposed to claim him because i have custody ." she says. mean while, i have raised him. i have med him into an upstanding an respectful young man! not her ! me ! there was times that i had him for as many as 13 days in a row. i would bring him back to her with a sickening, depressing feeling, thinking since i had him so many days in a row, i would now have to wait an equal ammount of days untill i got to see him again.only to have had him brought back to me 3, sometimes 2 days later.this went on for months and months equaling aprox. 3 years and he is only 4 years old. i asked no questions! in fact i loved the suprise. aparently he and i both loved it. i love him. he is such a joy to be around! i will, and i always do drop everything for him. it would seem that she has not been doing me a favor in giving me him all the time but that she has been doing herself a favor in relieving herself of the responsibilities that come with being a parent, by dropping him off to me. which again, i pray that god gives me more time with him! (he is my world.) i enjoy it !!! aparently she is very comfortable with the job i do in caring for him and raising him...aparently she knows he is safe and in good hands with me. in three years she has never called to speak to him or even see how he is doing when he is with me. to me that speaks in volumes.being that i had him so often and being that she did'nt see him much, you would think she'd be missing him terribly,wanting (at least) to talk to him and see how he is doing. especialy since he loves me to call him when he is with her.but, she never calls ! never top this off, he never wants to go with her. i mean he kicks and screams. which is very un-charecteristic of him as he is very well behaved and gives me nearly no problem.she does'nt work . does not provide him with clothes or shoes,she has an empty bedroom for him in her apartment. no toys. no kid decorations.nothing.she does not provide him with anything. coats, hats, i have to do all of that. if not he will be without. (which is fine i am his dad i enjoy providing for him .) she receives child support from me and she claims him on her husbands taxes every year.people do some crazy things for money. i mean people kill for money.seems to me (judging by her actions) that he is nothing but a means of income to her via child support and tax breaks every year. as she does not work ...nor does her husband.( he rarely works) this would explain why she has nearly nothing over there for him. and she lied on me saying absolutely horrible ( false) things against me to prevent me from being in my childs life. which worked initialy as i missed the first 14-15 months of his life because of her lies while i was fighting her in court to see him. untill i finaly beat her in court. only to have the last 3 years (or so) go how they have gone. so, hell yeah i am " ratting on her " (as so many of you insist on saying.) and i am reporting her to the irs for fraud. as, for the last 3 years, all i have wanted is to claim my son on my taxes (and rightfuly so) so that i can turn around and use the money to 1.) re-open the case and get custody of him. and give him what he wants- to live with me.....and 2.) get his last name changed to my last name, and put the hell she has been puting him and i through behind me so that my son and i can move on with our lives, and i can focus on better securing my financial future for myself and my son. in closing ; one time she dropped him off with his eye swollen shut, with green mucus in all four corners of his eyes. so much so that it crusted up his left eye. resulting in his top and bottom eye lashes being stuck to each other and swelling his eye shut.. i was enraged. i called her and asked her "what's wrong with his eyes?" she responded saying " what?, what, nothing is wrong with his eyes, i did'nt notice anything was wrong with his eyes." ( which, either, she genuinely failed to notice something that took my family and i but a second to notice- which how could you miss it unless you don't even look at him, ever. which he looks and acts just like me and she has made no secret that she hates, so this is possible.or she did'nt look at him when she put him brought him to me. i replied "yes there is. his eye is swollen shut. he needs to see a doctor." she followed up by saying " well,he's gonna be with you untill su
i have no proof. david is a crooked casino owner in blackhawk colorado.i am currently sueing him for perjury, evidence tampering and conspiracy to commit fraud. The man is pure evil. If he does all this he wouldn't think twice about tax evasion. usually where there's smoke there's fire. just a hunch.
there is a woman named Sandra who's been using my son's s.s.n. for the last five yrs. My son had no idea theis was going on until his friend told on his mom. He left his bookbag at hi home and she found if and has been using it ever since.
i know someone that is getting tex and they did not have a job for 3 yrs her name is clare its not fair
i would like to report some one who is preparing taxes and asking oher people to use their children on other people taxes the children dont belong to. i have personal friends who are telling me about how she calls them and asks. this person is a family memeber not by marriage.
My wife been cheating the gov for years for over aOne For Zero For Zero For Zero a month call her at Six For Zero Three Three Four For Zero Five Three Three One
my friend that stab me in the back has not file taxes since 1989 his name ******* **** chatswot[rth ga **** works at **** global tunnel hill ga age 52 ?
della is running a taxes store out of her home at milwaukee , wi she had been taking money from all the people account and putting money in her account and she help people cheat on there taxes and she have all the income tax files in her home and she said irs will not catch her. every year about this time she have over 60,000 dollar in tax money she take from people every year and irs don't know she is getting all this money under the table she go to wisconsin dells with the money she and her daughter go shopping every day of the week with the money buying cars with the money and bought a house with the money and online shopping and she is helping her kids cheat on there income tax della is getting over on irs system again this year so she can buy another house and cars this year she been doing this for about 14 years taking money from people tax and put it in another account that on one know about because i know she had did my taxes and took some money from my account and i couldn't do nothing about it
ex claimed my son ernest illegally. i have all papers to show he lived in my home. call Eight Three For Zero Eight Six Five Eight Two Six Six asap
how do i go by getting a phone form from the irs because someone file my children on their taxes
i don't want to use my name in case my coworker finds out i did this. her name is holli and she works at river road. holli told all of us at work that she cheated on her taxes by filing a child that wasn't her. she said that she filed for jason and teresa child name dawson. she said that by filing this way she got more taxes back which is so wrong. i don't want her to know i sent this but she bragged that she got ten grand from yall. her work number is ********.
my sister has been my fathers caregiver for appx. 4years, i have recently discovered that she is abusing him financially. it has also come to my attention that she gets paid by the veterans administration for caregiving services. she has failed to pay taxes on this money saying that it was a gift. she also gets social security totaling appx. $45,000 a year and she has not paid taxes for at least the last 4years. her name is linda. north highlands, ca. 95660. i do not have her social security number.

somehow i spent $48,000 on heath care expenses with (5) health insurance plans.
my former cpa terry and my wife cynthia did something. there is no way i spent that much on heath care insurance. i was forced
to leave my wife who i have been divorce for a year and half . i refused to sign a return with every again because my income is almost tax free because i am a disable public safety officer, and my taxes keep going up . i left my home 1-1 -2013, now i have
found out the someone used my name and s.s.# on her tax returned. my wife is a thief.
that is all there is to that. gainesville, florida 32605 she works for the state florida, she refused to return my taxes return to me , i went to david , p.a. a year before i left the abuse of my wife that i had endured over the years. when i went to david a year later . after i gave him $3000.00 for a divorce, he advised me the my other attornoy were got buddies on the weekend.
and the divorce would be easy, 1 1/2 year later i have no money , david gave my retired fund to my wife with the help of hebb my attornoy who sent me 28 email with 28 viruses. along with watson property management sharon , susan , david , hebb webb rawson all of gainesville florida have conprisired to steal my $3.7 million retirement fund. i need you help. this people
along with mike of merilll lyunch and tina have put a fight with a retired public safety officer who was injury in the line of duty, my taxes need to be audited now. my wife need to go to jail. i am unable to put all the parts of the of this together , but a lady in ga. started write me dumb letters about retirement accounts that i had with merrill. this lady quoted a lady that i did not even know
this is all about land that i own located at 16411 & nw us hwy 441 alachua, florida 32615, a devoploper by the name of eric has to have the land to devoplop his 443 a. pud. i have been shot at, i have been in high chase up to 120 mph,
i was living in the emergency at north florida regional hospital, i have been poisoned, i have had my tire cut on the sidewall . bottom someone or some group would like for me to have and accidentaly death. and that have since around 2002.
since i moved to tampa, i don't shot any more, no high speed chases, no emergency visists on a dayily basic, i don't carry my gun with me all the time. but this people
or someone would sure love to see this $4. million dollar man dead. i need soon help
please. the auduit need to go back to 2000, my wife also has opened me lord only know how many credit cards , one which went i was in surgery . this is a 911 emergency, this is not a drill, all units need to respond code 3. please. i have had 30 plus surgeries on my spine , and i have no feeling in my legs. 352.***.1136 tampa,fl. i am in a lot of pain, an i my wife has stoln all my money, and merril has fozen my check account.
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