ok, i finally gave up. i tried looking for a number to call victoria justice. does anyone know what is the fan number or say now telephone number for victoria justice? if so, please send it to me. i want to tell her how much i admire her talent. she is so beautiful, i look up to her. someday i hope to tell her that because she is so great. i love watching her shows. they are funny. if you had her number, what would you say to her?

Victoria Justice Quiz

Take the Victoria Justice Quiz, if you score 100%, you will get the number to contact Victoria Justice.
If You Get Her Number, What Are You Going To Tell Her?
you are my idol, you are so amazing, and beautiful
hey who is this ? i am harvey and i am ur biggest fan do u want to come over my house at christmas
i am your biggest fan i love you very much
i would say oh my god i talking to victoria justice on the phone.
will you like go out with me sometime
hi this is bailee i love your singing and your acting
i love your song and a lot more
victoria me too i know how to sing please victoria if you want to hear my songs please call me please
i love her so much
ih im a big fan
hi victoria justice your role play in victorious is so cool i love you x x
hi victoria i love your show and you you are a awesome cater and a beautiful singer
to come to my mother house
hi you are so pretty big fan of victorious
you are my fav singer and i love you so much
victoria you are a talent girl me too i can sing very well but no one like me if you want to hear my songs please call me
tell her that i am her biggest fan and i love everything about her
she is my biggest fan
i want victoria to listen my songs
she is a talented artist
hi this is bailee i love your acting on victorious, and the boy who cried werewolf and all the other shows you play in
how much i love her
hay who is this we are called harvey and aaliyah we are your biggest fan
how much i admire her
What Do You Love The Most About Her?
her songs
nice vocie to listen too
her acting
her voice
brown eyes long hair good singer and a really good artist
she is a talent girl and has good manners
pretty and a good singer
her face zbe is so pretty
what i love is the songs you make the lyrics everything that you try to do your best to do the song and everything i know if something takes a while to do it but same thing with me at school sometimes what does the most thing i like about you is your voice and your songs are beautiful and amazing
i love that she is so nice and kind and just so wonderful in general
you are super fun and hot and cute
she cares for others and hope that she inspires kids to gore and be a good actor and singer like her
she is a hard working girl and she has good manners
brown eyes long hair feels really good and is a pretty girl
songs and shows and her appearance
she is amazing
she is beautiful
that she is so nice and kind and she is just wonderful in general
her face
she is kind and good
i love how she sings and dances and she pretty funny too wish i want to meet her in person.
Which Is Your Favorite Song?
make it in america
beggin on your knees from victorious
hard to pick but my favorite one is take a hint or best friends brother
beggin on your knees
make it shine
i love the song beggin on your knees i love the lyrics and the beat of the song
make it shine
all i want is everything
i like all of them
make it shine.
la boyz and freak the freak out
all i want is everything
michael w smith
drag me down one direction and lots moore
best friend brother and all i want is everything
freak the freak out