ok, i finally gave up. i tried looking for a number to call victoria justice. does anyone know what is the fan number or say now telephone number for victoria justice? if so, please send it to me. i want to tell her how much i admire her talent. she is so beautiful, i look up to her. someday i hope to tell her that because she is so great. i love watching her shows. they are funny. if you had her number, what would you say to her?

Victoria Justice Quiz

Take the Victoria Justice Quiz, if you score 100%, you will get the number to contact Victoria Justice.
If You Get Her Number, What Are You Going To Tell Her?
u are my biggest fan
i would tell her that your songs are amazing, you are the most amazing singer and actor to me, you are my idol, and you have inspired me to be a singer when i grow up so basically you are amazing.
um hi i love your songs and shows....
she is the best in the world
i am her biggest fan and i love her
i am a big fan and i love all your funny shows
just say hello, & i think you look beautiful.
i want victoria to listen to my songs
you are amazing singer and you are funny and pretty to
i love her music and looks and i just love everything about her
how much i admire her
hey my name is callie am your number 1 fan
hi victoria justice you my biggest fan of all time in the world thank you for making those good shows of victorious here pretty good artist
you are my idol, you are so amazing, and beautiful
i will tell her i am her biggest fan, and that i love her and that i want to be her friend, (best).
she is a great singer
i might ask if she could come to my best friends house so she could hang out with is.
to come to my mother house
you are pretty and i really want to meet you
love her and a lot more
i love u victoria u are an amazing singer and i love ur hair cheekbones and eyes.
What Do You Love The Most About Her?
her acting
she describes her character in victorious
she is a good singer and pretty and she is a really good actor
she has good manners
her singing and acting
about being herself
she is so talented
how beautiful she is
nice vocie to listen too
she sing with love
how her keep her self up. and how her look to.
just say hello & i think you look beautiful.
she is a actrise
her songs and her beautiful looks
how pretty she is
i really love most about victoria justice.
that she is talented beautiful and has a good voice
her songs
her song and the way she act
she is so cool
her voice her singing and danceing and have fun
Which Is Your Favorite Song?
make it shine
make it shine
freak the freak out
heres 2 us
best friend brother
make it to america
make it in america
i have got lots
my best friends brother
all i want is everything
song to you
freak the freak out
take a
the theme song off victoris
beggin me on your knees. and the make it shine.
la boyz and freak the freak out
it real timothy jerome kimble. beggin me on your knees. and the make it shine.
make it shine
best friends brother
give a song to you
a song to you
beggin on your knees for me