want some ideas where you can find cute guys. i have created a list where you can go to find cute guys. here they are:

1. school - school is full of cute guys, you just have to look careful

2. work - the office is one of the best places to find cute guys, but if you dont work yet, school is your other option

3. Carnivals - check your local city or town. carnivals are fun, and cute guys are attracted by fun.

4. beach - wow!!! the beach is a really good place to find cute guys, you have the sun and the water, plus cute guys

5. the park - if you are into sports, you can find lots of cute guys who like sports

6. parties - family or friend's parties are a good place to socialize and meet cute guys

7. restaurants - go out and have lunch or dinner with your friends. guys go where there are girls. and restaurants and bars are a great place cute guys like to hang out.

8. charity events - volunteers are needed. and a guy with a good heart and good looks. what else can you ask for?

9. sports events - on doubt guys like sports, and the more guys are in a place, the more choices you will have. so go ahead. try it.

10. the internet - the online dating scene has been given a bad wrap for weirdos, but you might be amazed how many guys are dating online. its a very easy way to meet cute guys, most site already publish their photo and thats what you meet first. give it a try. this is how our generation is meeting new people.