question: what should i use to clean sticky button inside cell phone

if you are like me, i am sort of clumsy when it comes to taking care of my phone. last week i went out with my friend and i was drinking a cola soda. then i hit my elbow on my class and knocked the glass splashing some soda into my phone.

i got lucky, my phone was ok, but after a couple of days later, the sugar in the soda became sticky and it was hard to text. whenever i would press down a key, it would get stuck down.

well, if this has happened to you, fixing it is very easy. all you need is a Q-tip [cotton swab] and some clean water.

start by putting some water on the Q-tip. dont put too much water, just make it moist. you dont want to the water to be dripping off the Q-tip. otherwise, you will start to drip water in your phone and thats not a good idea. so be sure you remove the batter from your phone before you do this. once the tip of your Q-tip is wet, rub it in the keyboard of your phone, make sure you get the corners of each key, specially where the stubborn key is getting stuck. keep the Q-tip clean, you may have to use several until the sugar from the keypad is gone. let it dry for 30 minutes and try again.


what happens if that didnt work. you can try a more aggressive way of fixing the sticky keyboard by taking your phone apart. if you dont feel capable of taking it apart, that is the only way you are going to completely remove the sugar from the plastic or the rubber in the phone. if thats your case, then you have two alternatives.. 1. take it to a repair shop or 2. buy a new phone. there is a third alternative if you have a geeky friend, and ask him to take it apart for you so you can clean the keyboard. removing the screws from the back of the phone is simple, it takes patience and not much knowledge of computer equipment.

if you want to try it yourself, i wrote a howto. it shows you how i did it by removing the screws in the back. click on this link here:
How To Fix Samsung Blackjack Cell Phone Keys Stuck