i was using puppy linux live to boot my linux from my usb. from my computer works great. but i wanted to boot directly from the USB port using my USB 2GB drive.. but there is no way to do it. well you can, but you can't save the data. it only runs live:

1. so my first attempt was to install Linux Live USB Creator from linuxliveusb.com

it worked great, i could boot my USB from virtualbox, but my saved session was not recognize, until i read their documentation where it says on step three which is Persistence: 'This feature is currently not working when using VirtualBox in Windows 7 / Vista.'


you want to know what is Persistence:

i was running on windows 7 so it didnt work on my laptop

there is another program called VMWare which you can also use to run virtual machines on your computer in windows, so i googled it and wham!!! there is actually a way you can boot directly from you USB into a virual machine.

these guys show you step by step:

basically, you install Plop Boot Manager:

then create a new virtual machine, in VMWare you have the option to connect your devices, in this case, my USB device called Scan Disk Cruzer Glide

well, just wanted to let you guys know its possible to boot a virtual linux box from usb.