im just tired of calling the California Franchise Tax Board and getting that automated system which gets me no where, there are alot of prompts i have to go through to actually get to speak to a live person. my friend gave me a secret, he said to call their 800 number at 1.800.338.0505 then press the # key on my telephone three times. that worked for a while until they changed their system.

if you just press 0, the system tells you 'that's not a valid entry'

so here are the only tromps you have
press 1 for personal taxes
press 2 for business taxes

so then i press 1 for personal taxes.. then i get more prompts:

1 for current taxes
2 for payment balance due
3 for ready .... [whatever he says.. i didn't understood
4 for FAQs [Frequently Asked Questions]
5 for forms

so i press zero a bunch of times, and it doesn't work :(

have you noticed the announcer sounds like you are in a circus. he sounds like you are in a show. hahahhaha

has anyone firgure out out a trick to bypass and skip the automated system?