did you receive a strange call from someone saying they are form the IRS and you own money to the IRS.

or did they tell you that if you dont pay you will go to court or will also go to jail?

if you know you owe money to the IRS, its best that you call the IRS yourself. if someone is calling they are from the IRS, its most likely a scam.

beware of people pretending to the IRS. The IRS will never call you unless you are expecting a call from them, and if you have tax problems with the IRS, they will inform you by mail not by phone.

if you happen to receive one of these calls, hang up immediately, if they continue to harass you, call the police to investigate.

the irs does not accept irs violations over the phone, so these people are clearly fraud, you can call the IRS and report them at 1-800-829-0433

if you received a call, please let us know what they number is, the day and time you received this call and what city and state.

thank you