with all the election talk this year in 2012, i was very disapointed with the republican party's agenda. in 2011 you heard alot about the Tea Party. But i was only a permanent resident, i felt helpless because i knew i couldn't do anything about it. it felt very hateful the things they said. and i didnt feel welcome in the US anymore.

When i came to THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in 1982, i was amazed about how kind and selfless Americans where. I scape my country when i was a kid. i left because of war. when i got here. i felt welcome by everyone, even if i didnt speak english, americans where friendly and tried to make me feel welcome.

now 2012, i wonder where all those kind americans have gone? becoming a US Citizen was not an easy choice. but with all the hate from the replublicans towards Latinos/Hispanics, i felt i had to follow the trandditions of this great land with my voice. so it was only natural for me to become a US Citizen. So I did. on August 13 2012, I accomplish that dream. In my hear it was already an American, and now, im also an american in paper.

so thank you republican party for giving me that extra push to become a US Citizen so i can vote for Obama!