this is an update to my last tutorial about: How To Show Picture On Mouseover With Javascript Tutorial

this time, i am going to be using jquery.

Put Mouse Here To Show Image

this is all the code i used to make it happend:

<b id="Clicker" style="color:blue;text-decoration:underline;cursor:pointer;">Put Mouse Here To Show Image</b>

<img id="wallpaperamIMage" style="display:none;" src="">
<script src="//"></script>
$(function() {
$( "#wallpaperamIMage" ).toggle();

Ok, but there is an even better way.. there are jquery plugins which you are much better than this raw way i just showed, you, there are many 'tooltips' are they are called.

hover to see title of this tag you can put any tooltip on your website.

<p><a id="tooltiper" href="#" title="Hi there, this is the title tag in this link">hover to see title of this tag</a> you can put any tooltip on your website.</p>