As a believer, I believe in Jesus because I can feel him.

For example, if there is a blind man, and he asks me how the wind looks like, I couldn't tell him how the wind looks like, even though I can see perfectly with my own two eyes. To answer the blind man's question, I would take him to where there is a breeze and have him feel the wind on him. Then he would feel it and know that it exists.


It’s kind of like that, even though you can't see the wind, you can still feel it. Jesus is the same, He exists in my heart and I feel him. When you accept Jesus as your personal savior, you begin to feel his presence, until you feel him; it would be hard to believe. You must have faith in the Lord and he will show himself to you.


Ok I see that I got some replies on this. Regarding the blind man. Yes, that's you. You who don’t believe in Jesus. You are the blind. Because you want to see to believe. But Jesus is not a thing, he is everything. So the only way you are going to understand is if you feel him. If you feel him in your heart. If I had to describe that feeling for you, it would have to be like, there is a whole new person in me, and it’s not physiological, because he is not in my head, but instead in my heart.

It’s kind of like when you are in love, when you love someone and they hurt you, no matter how much you tell it in your head to forget about that person, you can’t, because they still are in your heart. Same thing with God, he lives in your heart, so if you are blind by thinking that Jesus is something logical, it won’t makes sense to you because he is not logical, its spiritual. You have to feel it with your heart.

Brain = thinking
Heart = feeling

There is a difference between what you think and what you feel.

When you have Jesus in your heart, you feel at peace. You feel secure in knowing that he is there to guide you and protect you from evil. Its makes you stronger and you feel like you can do anything. You don’t feel afraid, instead you feel confident and you feel this urge to help others.

It’s possible that you are wondering what do I gain from sharing the knowledge of Jesus with you. Why do people always want me to know Jesus?

Sharing Jesus with others it’s something that you get in yourself being when you accept Jesus as your savior. You feel good inside and you want others to feel the same way. You feel unselfish and sharing. You want everyone to know that they can feel good and look at life as a blessing instead of a curse. Instead of being pessimistic, you can be optimistic about life. To me, I see life in a different way. When I see the sun shine on all of us, when I heard the birds sing every morning near my window in my room. When I see all the creatures of the earth and how beautiful they are. This is an amazing world and I feel joy when I know that Jesus is with me. And I want everyone to feel that joy. I don’t want brainwash anyone; I just want to share a feeling, not an idea.

UPDATE.... i see that i've received more comments regarding this topic, but many of you keep saying 'brain washing' - not at all, there is something that no one can control, and that is your emotions. until you feel the love of God in your heart. your mind will always try to make sense out of it. if you dont feel, then you wont comprehend the love that God has given you. God will never let us go, its us who let him go. He will always be there for you when you look for him. He is a loving and merciful God. Jesus has promise us he will forgive our sins. all you have to do is repent and accept him to come into your heart. He loves us all, for i am witness of his love and mercy.