i think my parents are spying on me. so i set out to find out if they really were.. at first i was lost, i didnt know where to begin. i mean, im not a computer nerd so i dont understand much about all this computer stuff. but i have a friend who fixes computers for a living so i asked for his help. so this is what i did.

the first step is looking at your browser's history. - you can see which websites you have visited, whenever you go to a website, your computer logs the website address where you visited. so this information is saved on your browser. actually, you can view it right now by hitting two keys on your keyboard right now as you read this post.. just hit CONTROL + H

when you hit control plus h at the same time, you will see the history. so lets say yesterday i didnt go to facebook at all, but in the history it shows that yesterday facebook was visited, then i know someone other than me was going to facebook, specially if it has my profile URL. if this is your situation, how can you protect yourself. well, you should change your password immediately.

another abvious way to know if someone is going to your facebook page is if you see any changes on your wall or pictures that you didnt make.

if you are concern some one is hacking into your facebook account, the best way to prevent this is to create a strong password. for example, you can create a strong password by using UPPER CASE LETTERS, NUMBERS and SYMBOLS. so lets say i was borned in 1998 and my name is Sandra, i can create this password:

[email protected]

as you can see, this password is much strong than if i just used a simple password of my name.

hope that helps. why do you think your parents are spying on your facebook page?